10 October 2013

You Cannot Talk About Yourself

An autistic teen's IEP was not properly implemented.  He got in trouble for apparently sassing off at a teacher.  It's easy to do when you're overwhelmed, and if you have autism, often there are behaviour plans in place to keep you from getting that overwhelmed to start with.  His parents tried speaking with the superintendent about the IEP needing to be followed.  The super's office cancelled the meeting and refused to reschedule.

This is OCTOBER.  I don't know about New York schools but here, in four days we will have been in session two full months.  More than enough time to figure out how to implement a document and just generally get your stuff together.

Christian Ranieri went before the school board to complain, and they shushed him.  They couldn't legally discuss this during the meeting, and basically you need to shut up now, they told him.  They also yapped about staff's "rights" and bla bla bla.  Also?  Stop trying to see the superintendent.

"You go through three layers before you come to the superintendent," the superintendent blubbed.  And also bla bla bla bla.  Article.

I hope this gets resolved to the family's satisfaction, and more than that, I hope this district learns from its mistakes.  It's just not right that people should have to share their private business in public in the hopes that they can get what they deserve under FAPE.

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