27 May 2016

On Banning "Start a Family"

- by Laurie Rogers, author of the book "Betrayed," on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/laurie.rogers.9469  (I cribbed this post from facebook with her permission.)

Bill O’Sullivan must be the target of unrelenting mocking and criticism for a May 26 column he wrote in the Washingtonian saying that the phrase “start a family” is “loathsome” and should be banned. (You can read the article here.)

“Banned,” as in – like, illegal? Like censorship? And then what? Burn all books with the phrase in it? Interrogate the neighbors of those claiming to start a family? Arrest them! Punish them! Kill them?

Silly rabbit, that’s so WAY over the top. As a journalist, Bill must value the concept of freedom of speech. He didn’t even mention punishments or executions yet. Besides, if people would just stop saying it, then nobody has anything to worry about.

But if we’re going to go all PC on ourselves, then let’s go whole hog. Let’s bring it.

Ban “female,” also criticized in Bill’s column. I agree that “female” is a criminal word, as is “male.” 

Call us all two-legged mammals. Also ban the phrase “two-legged.” It’s offensive to those who don’t have two legs. Ban “leg.” It’s offensive to people who don’t have any legs. Ban “people.” It’s offensive to animals, like my cat. She is her own being, which we should value. Ban “cat.” It’s offensive to animals that are not cats. “Ban “animal.” It’s offensive to living things that are not animals. Ban “living.” It’s offensive to the comatose. Ban “comatose.” It’s offensive to anyone who is not actually comatose, but who gets called that due to excessive stupidity. Ban “stupidity.” It’s offensive to people like Bill O’Sullivan, who likely has been called stupid a billion times since his May 26 column came out. Also ban Bill O’Sullivan. His column is offensive to everyone.


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