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It Was Tragic!!

Yes, *somebody* didn't especially feel like working the other day. Because the work was too hard. Because I'm tired. Because I didn't have FOUR worksheets yesterday; I had three. Because I wanted to do math LAST today. Because Emperor had a shorter worksheet than I did this morning. Because it's not fair!

First Haircut!

You can only really see the difference if I put the "before" picture underneath. Poor little guy didn't have much hair but D kept telling me that J needs a haircut... needs a haircut... needs a haircut... OK fine. You can also sort of see his sensitive skin in the picture. That mark down his face was just from eating with a spoon. Nope, I didn't bruise him. His dermatologist had a fancy name for this. He gets marked up with EVERYTHING. The doctor took a medical Q-tip and did a little tic-tac-toe on his back last time he was in to demonstrate how the child welts up with the slightest provocation... It swelled up like anything LOL! It goes away though. Just in those first few minutes or so he looks really injured. Can you tell I decided to cut J's hair when I knew he'd be hopping in the tub anyway?? He had squash, his very most FAVE food. The strange child dislikes bananas though.

New School Room

OK, it looks a little disorganized, but it works for us. We have a gate system, so we can keep J in since he is starting to scoot. We have moved the cabinet with the homeschool stuff downstairs and set up desks for the Elf and the Emperor is using the computer desk for his work. It will be nice to have everything in one place again like I did in the kitchen. But it also now works for baby J, and I won't have to wait until naptime to teach or feel afraid that he's getting into something. When Elf and Emperor were younger we had this area set up as well. We called it "the cage." You should have seen the Emperor's therapist when she came over and the kids wanted to show her their cage LOL!! Actually it is a very NICE gate system with the advantage that it is specially designed to be used near fireplaces and stoves. You can probably see our woodburning stove in some of the pics. It gets VERY VERY hot. Literally, I brushed some of my skin on it once for a v…

Lookit! Lookit!

Boil some vinegar, water and salt. Put cucumbers in jars and add some dillweed and garlic bits. Then pour the boiling stuff on top of the cucumbers and leave the can upside down for a month. That's the theory, anyway. I'll let you know how it turns out in a month!! I got the recipe from the MOMYs board. Because I asked for one LOL! Bet they have lots of money-saving ideas I just haven't been brave enough to try yet.


OK I'm tired!! I'm sore!! Apparently sitting on my rear end and doing nothing but going to the bathroom and maybe climbing the stairs once a night before bed for about a month does NOT help one build stamina. I literally feel like I've done yardwork for five hours, and *all* I did was go to the store briefly and cook lunch. I couldn't even get to clean up afterwards. I was sore and exhausted. D cleaned up the lunch stuff and said... that is the LAST time you are making pancakes for a long time!! Yes, I get butter and batter and syrup everywhere. But I cook a full box of Aunt Jemima Complete and it all gets eaten. I even mixed in blueberries today. I had one because I figure... I'm fat anyway so might as well. Plus I need to eat some of that pretend butter and fake maple syrup to build my bones. The pancakes were real though because the stove got used LOL!

I *meant* to get outside today and pull some weeds. But I just CAN'T! I don't know how long…

One Tough Cat!!

My husband D does leatherworking as a hobby. What do you think of *this* getup? Poor cat was mmrrowwing to be let out of this contraption and did NOT look very menacing while she was cowering!!


Went to the OB yesterday and had a sonogram. They can't find any bleeding and have concluded for now that my pregnancy should be treated as "normal" for the time being. Of course "normal" for a very overweight 38-year-old who has already had 5 kids LOL!

The baby is measuring right on schedule, which means I am 13 weeks today.

G Last Year and This Year

G looks healthy in both pictures, I think, although the face in the second shows me he didn't appreciate my taking his picture!! Still, we don't want him to *keep* losing weight. Going to have to feed the boy peanut butter straight out of the jar... wash it down with milkshakes...

Muslims Can't Care for Their Own??

Countries around Iraq absorbing refugees don't seem to be all that concerned about helping their fellow Muslims charitably themselves. Instead, better to ask for some money from the "infidels" in America. I guess Allah cannot provide the funds this year, as he is very busy providing in Saudi Arabia.

Pretty House

This house is even more gorgeous on the inside. The neighbourhood is not the best though, so we never did make an offer. I keep thinking though, it was so perfect too. It had a garage attached AND a decent master bedroom with a BATHROOM. Those are hard to find in older houses! The laundry on the main floor. All the woodwork so beautiful. Why can't I have this house on my lot?? We haven't been serious about looking at houses in the last couple of years. Just as well with the market etc. But I do miss looking at them and seeing how other people pretend to live LOL!

Do You Think I Starve My Kids? Really??

OK, I've got to blow a little steam here. Our specialist's office is trying to help G with gaining some weight. So she asks G if he gets fed enough and he tells her NO! (!!??!) I *try* to explain that he is fed more than enough, but breakfast and lunch are not the large meals of the day... we're restricted on time then, especially at breakfast during the school year. We don't have TIME for three bowls of cereal if the bus comes at 6:40. Come on! And can I pack him three sandwiches and three bags of chips for his 20-minute lunch???

But she sure listened to G and pretty much told me that here she sees a little boy who is having trouble gaining weight who says he's not fed enough. I'm about livid because the boy turns up his nose at most dinners I cook, and you can eat "mass quantities" then. This doctor either has no clue about life with a "large" family or has no clue that I cannot POSSIBLY budget for the foods he prefers and then feed everyon…


SOMETIMES D and I get the feeling that our private conversations are being surreptitiously listened to. Most of the time we're right!! I think next time I'll mention how the monsters we hired to eat the children can't arrive until next THURSDAY and see if the smaller kids get their "days of the week" straight mighty quick LOL!


The only problem with doodling on the walls is that *sometimes* D really likes the result. So I'm not ever, ever, ever allowed to paint over this elephant. All furniture must be moved so that the elephant is visible. Sigh. The thing is, when I *first* painted it, D thought it was the most TACKY thing in the world and then it grew on him so that he came to love it.

I'm Feeling Left Out!!

This is one of those pictures I did NOT send with the Christmas cards that year LOL! The Emperor looks pretty sad that he wasn't in on the group hug.

Christmas 2004

Looking at old photos. Cute!

I Just Needed to Put This In!!

D took this one awhile ago at the allergist's office. You know Patrick is EXTREMELY allergic to dust mites. So, the allergist's office makes sure to have lots of HORIZONTAL blinds, big fluffy seats and lots of stuffed animals for the children to play with. D handed this Snoopy to Patrick and said, "Here, can you hold this for just a second?" and then snapped his picture!! We need to show this blog to all his friends now.

#($#@*(@# There it is. I said it.

I am *SO* stinkin' tired of sitting on this couch. Yet again, all day today that's all I'm doing except to write this post about how tired I am of it LOL! I think next time I just need to plan ahead and know that I'm probably GOING to be sitting on the couch, but it seems fatalistic to plan ahead like that.

Probably a moot point though as I have appointments I must go to on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday AND Friday. I have put off my childrens' medical care for too long and it is catching up to me. Please pray I at least get through this week with no bleeding. The kids deserve at least to see their respective doctors this week, and I need to go to the OB. Oh, and pray also that D can take "Patrick" for shots on Wednesday or Thursday as well. I knew I was missing something LOL!

D has been working *so* hard though and I wish I could help. I am off the couch for a day or maybe two and then back down. Yesterday I got all the school shopping done and Patric…

Minimum Wage Increase?

Presidential candidate Edwards is at least looking into the issue of poverty. I don't think that the fact that he has a lot of money or spends $400 of his own money on a haircut means that he's not concerned about the lower classes. It *might* mean he can't spend money very well if he couldn't find a better bargain, but anyway...

He's going to various places in the country and lamenting that poor people have things hard. The solution MUST be some sort of government intervention. You knew this was coming, right?

So, the minimum wage should be raised to over $9 an HOUR. OK, now that might look really GREAT on the surface if you are someone trying to make it by on minimum wage. But if you really think about the economic impact on the whole country, you'll see it's a very bad idea. Imagine yourself busting your rear end for four years to go to college. You leave with over $100,000 in debt. (That's a conservative estimate!…

We're Going to Miss It.

The boys were involved with Upward soccer last year at the church. They were BOTH on a kindergarten team despite the fact that the Emperor was going INTO preschool and the Elf INTO first grade!! Elf is about a month before the Missouri cutoff to go into the next grade lower and Emperor is ten days too late to have been in first grade this year. It wasn't a problem last year, but this year after letting the kids get their uniforms and go to their first practice, I get a phone call stating they don't want the Emperor on the first grade team b/c he is too young! Yeah, by *10 days,* unless I travel 20 miles west in which case the state cutoff would be different anyway. No matter. No grace for the fact that I am halfway on bedrest and it would be a real hardship to do a bunch of different games each week, plus practice. I feel like it's just an excuse. They don't want the Emperor on the team b/c he has a hard time following directions and requires extra energy. The…

The Three Rs... and the "S"

Yay! I'm so glad we have a candidate willing to stand up and give the American people what they want in public schools! We need discussions about private parts and sexual touching for five-year-olds. We need to have the state take care of *every* aspect of our childrens' development. They're already offering breakfast and lunch at school. Now how about we just drop them off at age three and they can have dinner there, too? Maybe a cot for overnight pedophilia -- I mean, fun educational sleepovers? It would be mighty convenient to have someone else raise our children. We all have other things to do, you know.


This man just *might* be elected President. Can we all spend a little time on our faces in prayer? We need to ask God to do some amazing, mighty work in the hearts of the American people or we are all in really big trouble.

Praying once again that I will get the green light to homeschool the Emperor who will be in kinderga…

Al Sharpton and Don Imus Are Best Friends Now!

Well, maybe. It made for a good headline anyway.

Sharpton says that he's not against Imus having his own radio show; isn't that nice of him? As long as whoever hires him makes SURE that Imus never ever ever never says anything naughty, or offensive to people of other races, genders and cultures.


Do you know, what Imus says is offensive sometimes. From what little I remember of people like him and Howard Stern, they're just plain old mean to everyone. I don't listen to them, but I don't think they should be censored either. If someone wants to have his own little radio show and talk about how he hates black people or Jews, or women with big butts like me, I'd say let him. As long as he's not giving specific instructions to kill or riot, why can't he express an opinion? What are we so scared of? Certainly advertisers in a decent society will run away very quickly from such a show, and *I* sure would…

Just Sitting Here! Again...

I'm sitting on my rear end YET AGAIN, all day long because I spotted again last night. I am very, very grateful that my boys have REALLY been a help and they are *trying* not to be discouraged or have a bad attitude about the extra work. In homeschooling Social Studies, I had to think of a "job" that would be easier for the whole family to do together. Examples given were planting an ENTIRE garden, building something and the like. We're supposed to learn how the colonists worked together with their neighbours and were able to build their houses that way and get the hard or impossible-to-do-alone work done together.

I could only think of laundry. YAY me! The older boys rolled their eyes a bit at this one because they knew it would be more work for them to have the younger boys help than to just plain old do it themselves. But I had them set up several laundry baskets at one end of the room. One is for me and dh. One is for Elf and Emperor (they share a room). …

Easter? Halloween? Christmas?

Call me a hypocrite if you wish, but even though I know the history of Easter I still allow my children the fun of hiding and finding eggs. And I still let them have Christmas presents and cookies on Christmas. But Halloween is OUT! Too yucky and demonic, thank you so much. Whoever thought of dressing up as an "undead" and going around extorting candy and gifts from the neighbours? You know if you don't hand it out they're going to egg your cars or something. But I'll stick a tract in with my bribes ya know.

Just Because He's Cute!

Sweet Baby J! He needs lots of kisses! **smooch** Too bad, everyone, you get subjected to yet another cutesie posting all about my children LOL! Hey, it's my blog.

Medically Necessary??

Maybe if you got into a horrible accident and there was no way to put Humpty Dumpty back together again...

Otherwise I *really* can't see where chopping off a perfectly healthy, non-cancerous body part should be a tax-deductible experience. Even more outrageous is that there are actual medical "experts" out there claiming this is a medically necessary procedure. Every physician who even THINKS about making a statement along those lines in public ought to lose his or her license irrevocably.

Even more outrageous, I think, is the treatment this story received in the press. The MAN is still a MAN, whether he chopped off his weenie or not. "He" didn't suddenly become a "she." I think in the old days they called those eunuchs, except now they pump these eunuchs full of hormones so they can "pass" for female. This is so disgusting!! Who even thinks such a thing is natural? If you were to analyze thi…

Thrift Store Prices

Every now and then I can snag a really great bargain at a thrift store. More often than not, though, I wade through tons of damaged clothing that is stained, torn or hopelessly out of date, and leave with nothing. Today I went to a local thrift store to find that they remodeled and passed the prices on to the consumer.

Now, these are all DONATED clothes from the community, so every dollar they earn goes right to their ministry. They have volunteers too, so no overhead but rent and utilities. Actually I think they get rent free from some business and they get a tax deduction. No matter.

I know that some of the jeans I saw at the thrift store retail for $50. But should I pay $8 for a pair of USED jeans? I can't afford $50 per pair of jeans for my children, but I'd be tempted to go ahead and buy a pair or two for each OLDER child every year, and be sure of fit and a style they like, than $16 on something they are so-so sorta happy with and just tolerate.

Another peeve... ever…

Red Robin Adventure

I finally was able to get out and about with the four older children on Thursday evening. G had earned $40 in chamber of commerce coupons from our school district for his attendance during summer school. We could spend the money at any chamber of commerce member. Thankfully, in addition to eye doctors and lawyers (what kid is going to spend his money there??!), the new Red Robin restaurant in town also accepted the money.

We had a great time! The service was more than excellent and the people were very friendly. The Emperor was quite curious as to, well, WHO is this Red Robin and where does he live? And how tall is he? The waitress was very patient during this interrogation and said she would go into the back room and "check his travel schedule." Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, the Red Robin mascot appeared, along with an employee with a camera! Awww.... Those younger boys were so happy to get their pictures taken, but the film did not work. So they spent a l…

Poor Little Emperor

He was VERY sick last night. You know he's not feeling well when I only have to ask him to stop jumping off the dressers twice today. Awww..

Bedrest Activities

Snapped these while on bedrest. G and Patrick were very good at entertaining, changing and occupying the baby during the day while I was down. They learned to make bottles as well. I ran the ship from my couch with an end table in front of it for the things I "needed" during the day like my crochet stuff and a few books and the remote controls. I think I've watched more tv in the last week than in the last three years combined. Mostly Pride and Prejudice over and over and over. Some Spongebob too. Elf is pictured in the last photo homeschooling at a baby picnic bench brought up from the basement. (shrug) Well, it worked. You can also see the edge of the end table in the foreground with a bottle and some crochet hooks, needles and yarn scraps in a zipper case.

Small Basement Windows

Blinds didn't work. Curtains looked dorky. Finally I used this sticky paper you can find at hardware stores. Expensive considering it's really contact-type paper, but works much better than blinds or curtains. Looking out it's ground level so the view isn't much anyway. I used an Exacto knife to cut little holes in strategic places so we can see out though. I want to know what's going on outside as well, expecially near the door. It's very pretty when the light shines in from outside, and our neighbour says that it looks pretty when our lights are on at night from outside.

One Little Indian

D stole my hairband the other day and made a paper feather Indian cap for baby J. He was just so cute I had to take some photos.

Look What Patrick Did!

Right before I was put on bedrest, Patrick got the bathroom painted and we've hung a picture over the hole in the wall. We spackled and painted it reasonably well, but it does look pretty bad under the picture. He did nice work and got paid $10.

It's Like a Bad I-Spy

D vacuumed a bit where the baby would be scooting, and the children did the laundry and delivered it to the correct rooms. I'm very glad for that. But you know it isn't quite the same as when you do things yourself... I'm going room by room (slowly, taking things a little easy and no vacuuming etc. YET) and doing things like picking up small bits of trash or asking for help putting things in the appropriate rooms. Here is a small example. Can you spy... a used cup? A ring from a milk jug? An oven mitt? Some empty Crystal Light boxes? Cans that need to be put away? Chip bags that need to be folded, sealed and stacked neatly? OK, I'm picky. I am very glad that for the most part, the house looked "cluttered" more than "dirty" when I was able to get up and about.

I'm Off the Couch! Hoo-ray!!

OK the blanket is done and I'm up off the couch!! D would constantly ask when "his" blanket would be done... I kept on telling him that the thing is MAUVE and he doesn't want it. He was pretty insistent, so it's his now and he's sleeping with it tonight. I finished the blanket not two hours before I was due to hop off the couch and rejoin the world. You see I make squares first, then sew the squares together into strips, and then sew the strips together into a blanket and then crochet a row around the whole thing so it doesn't have rough edges. It's good to have the blanket done AND be up. Wow.

Baby's First Photo!

Ok, here *he* is!! This photo was taken about a week ago. Obviously I'm not very far along yet.

I think all is well...

Hopefully at this rate I will be up out of bed by Wednesday morning. The bleeding *seems* to have stopped, but I have had it come back again before. Continued prayers appreciated, but things are looking up.

My hands are positively aching from all the crocheting I've been doing. I *might* actually get this project done before time on the couch is up. Probably not though, realistically. I am interminably slow even at breakneck speed on stuff like this. For a small blanket (I mean tiny but not baby-size, like a throw maybe) I need 40 squares and I have finished 27 of them. The first three rows of the ten I planned are stitched together though.

This House is Gorgeous!

No, it's not ours. It could have been if we were willing to pay over twice what our current house is worth. At the time it was up for sale it had lots of REEKING cat urine rooms. Gorgeous wallpaper that had obviously been badly stained. Lots of things needing repair. D yapped all about what a great house this was to his friend who bought it and it is now a bed and breakfast. A LOT of work and $ went into the place. It's beautiful.

G, age 12, at the computer

G has been a big help while I've been down. All that sneaking in and picking up the baby and toting him around actually is paying off. It's helpful that he has some experiences picking up and holding the baby. He also has an uncanny knack for bringing things to me I was JUST about to ask for! Yay G!

More Updates

Still bleeding. Went to doctor. Baby is still alive and looks well, but they estimate 30 percent chance of miscarriage at this point. I really appreciate all your prayers. Hopefully in a bit I will be able to do more than look at the computer once a night. I must be on total bedrest for three days after the bleeding STOPS. So we're still not at day one yet. :[

The good side is that my older boys are pretty capable people. Thank GOD this did not happen during public school time. There is no way I could function without them, or the baby would cry on the floor and sit in his poopie diaper all day b/c I can't lift him and if I move too much I will bleed.

I have a friend who might be able to help on occasion if this gets long-term. It would be nice to know that on a certain day each week someone would come over for a couple hours and hold the baby and maybe dust/vacuum a room or two.


Hey guys. On bedrest one week and get rechecked next week. After that I hope to post more regularly. Thank you so much everyone for praying!! The nurse on the phone at my regular OB didn't sound *too* concerned and actually wanted me to start resuming activity on Saturday. I told her then if I had a problem I'd have to go to the ER since they close weekends ... well, Monday, then! Cheaper *plus* I will at least deal with my own doctors/ nurses who know my history if I have any problems. Which I'm not anticipating but don't want to be foolhardy either.

First day of bedrest went *ok* except for the fact that Elf and Emperor figured out that they could put water all over the kitchen floor and s-l-i-d-e everywhere and Mom can't climb the stairs to find out what is going on. Grr. I told them they are no longer allowed to get drinks by themselves and won't be allowed to colour tomorrow. They think I'm pretty harsh but I think I'm pretty lenient if …

Thank you.

Thank you to everyone out there praying. I'll be calling the doctor to see when I will go in. I'm kind of scared to go in b/c every time I have to move around (eat or go to bed, that's it b/c I'm a sloth now) I start bleeding bright red.

They did find a problem with the placenta when I was in the ER, but the baby's heartrate was 167. That sounds like a boy to me... (wouldn't it be funny to get further along and be proven wrong? That's ok too) He has a big head and looks kind of like Winnie The Pooh with little flippers. I love him.