18 December 2007

OK, Maybe It's a Frivolous Lawsuit, But I Agree With Him!


Bar patron sues because "ladies' night" is discriminatory toward men. He'd like his booze for cheap, too, you know.

Strictly speaking, he's absolutely right. The court threw out his "frivolous" lawsuit, alleging that because the cost was not too high for him to get in and booze it up, that his rights were not violated.


So... can I have a "whites' night" at my local restaurant? I mean, I won't charge Eskimos so much that they can't have a little spaghetti and Coke at my place. What do you think? All the Eskimo restaurant owners can have "Eskimo night" at their restaurants, and we'll all be happy. La la la. Do you think that sounds fair?

I think it's * just * as fair as the idea that women can have cheaper alcohol than men. Or that a certain racial proportion ought to be attained at particular schools within a district. (We don't want ALL the blacks in one place, or they might cause trouble... OK, I can't think of any other reason to disperse people throughout the district like our school district does. This is NOT the 1920's and ALL our children are all getting a reasonably equal education. I think people who live near each other should be able to attend school together, and that builds stronger neighbourhoods. I'd be mad if they bussed my kid across town!! But I digress.)

How fair do I REALLY think all that is? Honestly??

I think it isn't fair.

I think it isn't just. I think it isn't a way to do business. I think that when I walk in to my local Kohl's, that I ought to be paying the same price as the old lady in the checkout in front of me for that pair of socks and a coffeemaker. I ought to be able to live in the same neighbourhood with all of my children that SHE is allowed to purchase in and I am not. I think here in America, we should show equal rights under the law to EVERYONE regardless of skin colour, national origin and religion.

And no, that doesn't mean I'll vote for you if you're a Satanist. And no, that doesn't mean that you should be a firefighter if you're 50 pounds and two feet tall. But it's the idea of equality under the law that I'm talking about. A large pizza from Pizza Hut ought to cost me $20 if it cost a man $20. And as long as drinking's a legal activity, I don't see why this guy shouldn't get served his liquor at the same price a woman would.

I'm not sure if I'm so liberal I'm conservative, or so conservative I'm liberal on this one. But sometimes, I think we ought to get some common sense and treat people fairly.

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