26 August 2008

Emperor Eating Vegemite

Emperor has been going on and on for MONTHS about how he's going to move to Australia. About how when the Vegemite arrives, he'll prove he is a natural Australian. Yum! The poor fellow literally vomited about four times after this video was made. I'm sorry, but I don't think he's booking a flight anytime soon. There are many other nice things about Australia, though.


  1. Poor Emperor. I hope he's feeling better.

    Update done on the site you were on. Sorry.

  2. I am sorry to say that I laughed as I watched each one.

    Poor Emperor!

  3. I have never had Vegemite... now I'm not so sure I want to try [smile].


  4. Tell them to not feel bad, I can't stand vegemite either. *shudder* It's horrible stuff.

    So is Weetbix.

  5. Oh poor darling, He really tried very hard to like the Vegemite.. Tell Emperor that a lot of real Aussies don't like Vegemite either..

  6. Now Weetbix is totally gross. Don't ever go there!

  7. Oh dear! Somewhat different to the smiling little vegemite faces we have here with Jack and Annie (with Annie eating vegemite straight from the jar)!

    I guess it's one of those things... unless you're brought up on it as a baby there's probably not much hope of liking it!

    At least they can say that they have tried it!

    Love to you all xx


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