21 October 2010

Consider Voting for Ellebracht


I was able to chat with him at length because he was walking about my neighbourhood today and came to my door.  He seemed a bit incredulous that there ARE seclusion rooms being used here presently, but he said that he'd look into it if he's elected.  And I really do believe him.  (At least he already knew about the paddling procedures that ARE on the books and thought they weren't such a hot idea.)

So even though he and I would disagree on many key points, he has my vote this November.  I'm asking for my local friends who read this blog to at least consider voting for him as well.  Mark Ellebracht's website lists his email address and other contact information if you have questions about his stance on issues, etc.  I'm just asking for you to THINK about it with an open mind.  I won't tell you how you should vote.

Of course... he WOULD come by when I've set up the TV for the two-year-old downstairs, have scooted all the toys onto the area rug and am actively swacking at ceiling dust Fall-Cleanin' Style with my broom whilst stripped down to my skivvy.  OH!  And did I mention that I was yelling at my children when he came to the door?  That was OPEN to allow for the dust to escape?  My version of yelling, anyway, is more annoying than anything.  I *sing* phrases over and over rather than do that.  I was swatted as a kid, and I know it's far more effective... but I have opted to just destroy any love my children MIGHT have had for music instead.

Why couldn't he have come AFTER I got all this stuff down, had had a shower, lit a cinna-punkin candle, and was snuzzling with my children for "quality homeschool time?"  Has God appointed ME to be the official "keepin' it way too real" housewife of the month?  I'd say "the year," but see... I'm humble.  :)


  1. Thank you for your kind words about me Mrs. C. I appreciate the time you took to share your concerns with me, and I hope that your friends won't hesitate to give me a call if they are interested in learning more. By the way, your house was not at all in any kind of disarray. I'd say for three kids at home, it was veritably immacualte!

  2. LOL thanks, Mark! But the part where Emperor came down with a dusty hat he found under his bed was just mortifying! Ha ha!!


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