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Should Homeschoolers Keep a Low Profile?

We're really proud of the local school.  It's part of living in this town:  we root for the Falcons.  If you homeschool, it's like saying you don't want to be part of the social fabric of the town.  Your children are not participating in something that is important to all of us.  

You're also unintentionally hurting the feelings of some very nice, dedicated people who work hard to keep our local school one of the best in the region.  And you're basically saying that my school isn't good enough for your kid.  I know you don't mean it that way, exactly, but that's how it comes across to a lot of people.

There's also the fact that not everyone can homeschool like you.   People feel guilty or obligated when they hear about the good things that you are doing with your child.  You don't have to say one word about them homeschooling for them to feel judged.  I know you don't want to hear that, but that's just human nature.

And plus.  Yo…

Woodjie Update

I don't know what to say.  Woodjie's a good kid.  But.  Just about every day, I get notes home about how he "hit a friend" a couple times during the school day.  Or he "ran away and didn't want to join the class."  Or he "got so upset and angry he threw up a little."

I've chatted with his teacher a few times, have given what few suggestions I could for calming him down (which don't always work at home, but hey), and have sent in his weighted vest.  We are all of us trying/struggling to figure out what is going on.

His teacher and aide are working on charts about his behaviour.  You know, ABC type stuff. 

A - the antecedent.  What happened that caused the behaviour?
B - the behaviour that we'd sure not like to see.
C - the consequence of the behaviour (had to sit in time out, or whatever)

Right now, there seems to be no particular time of day and no rhyme or reason we can discern that causes Woodjie to flip.  I'm thinking if I w…

Happy Weekend!

Tracking Children in School

Students in one Texas school will soon be required to wear lanyards with active GPS tracking chips.  Schools want to use the technology to be sure students are in school, or to be able to locate them quickly in an emergency.  Some parents and students are concerned about their privacy as the chips cannot be turned "off" during non-school hours.

I don't see why everyone has to get all legal about it on both sides.  An extra five minutes at the beginning and end of the school day would give the students an opportunity to lock their IDs into their lockers.  I don't see why a tracking technology cannot be used while the child is on school grounds and the school is charged with keeping that child safe.  I also don't see why there can't be an opt-out for the relatively few parents who are very concerned.

Why does everything have to be a huge fight?  I can see both sides of that issue, but since there are no cameras attached, how is it a privacy concern during schoo…

Teachers On Strike

I love my kids' teachers (most of 'em).  They deserve to be paid well.  They deserve vacation time, sick time and the same sorts of medical benefits other workers receive.  How can we expect our kids to learn about fairness and working hard for a dollar if they see our teachers treated badly?

But the economy really stinks right now.  Lots of regular people are losing their jobs, paying taxes is a hardship for many, and it's probably not a good time to whine that your average teacher earns $74,839 and go on strike.  That's gonna backfire, at least perception-wise, with the public.

But they'll get much of what they're asking for in the short term because the schools can't blanket fire and start with fresh college grads who will take $15/hour.  And probably do a better job if test scores are any indication.  (They aren't always, with an average pay of  $74,839, I'm expecting the Stand and Deliver guy in every classroom.)

Yup.  The school district caved…

More Children Not Toilet Trained by School Age.

The main reason is that parents don't bother teaching their kids where to put their poop, claims The Independent

Most primary school teachers see a large increase in the number of "accidents" that happen in school.  I wonder if UK schools expect children to stay in school all day for kindergarten as they do here.  I also wonder if they are starting to drill, drill, drill those children as we do.

I'm telling you, things are different today.  Even though Emperor would only be in fifth grade were he in school, the schools have changed into little testing factories since he left in kindergarten.  (It has always been a teach-to-the-test environment to an extent, but it's more extreme now.)  Could children who have only been regularly using the restroom for a year or two be more prone to have accidents under stress or in a new situation?

I think so.  It's also obvious to me that with a sharp increase in autism worldwide, that there would also be a sharp increase…

Success With Science

Tony Danza/ teach

Interesting show!

So Tony Danza has a degree he got years ago that qualifies him to be a teacher.  So meh.  What is the big deal with everyone asking if he's "qualified" to teach?  The district took him in and gave him a position.  So that makes him qualified right there.  Shut up.  Sounds like "I don't have a million dollars" jealousy to me.

Now you can go on and on all you like about what his inner motivations might be to make this show.  You might think that it's there to give his career a new pickup or a new direction.  Meh.  Who cares?  The school let him and the cameras in.  I'm assuming the parents of this class have also bought into this.

It's odd.  The principal is bla bla-ing to him about 'you might be a big Hollywood star but you have to respect the profession of teaching' and all that.  Sure.  But um, she's first in line to squeal all over when the whoopdee-doo Mayor's office calls the school looking for Danza.  She&#…

You Are Responsible for Your Parents.

It doesn't matter if your parents have been grown up since well before you were born.  It also doesn't matter if they've never been financially dependent on you.  You will be paying the nursing home bills if your parents are indigent, and if you don't have the wherewithall to fight the home in court.

Now, family does for each other and it bothers me to see some folks in my neighbourhood dumped off at the home at the first sign of trouble.  And somehow then wow, grandkids have "bought" the house at an amazing low price.  (I truly believe God is gonna judge that.)

That's family for ya.  You don't want to give "family" too much power (good or bad) over one another's finances.  But if we can help a family member in a bind, we sure will.  Our little family, though, doesn't have a million bucks in the bank account in case somebody's health goes south next week.  I'd make a crappy caregiver, too, because I can't even lift the gr…