01 December 2013

Police Force Black Man to Act Like Chimp

Five cops from metro Detroit face consequences for making a poor disabled black man act like a chimp and posting the video around for their amusement.  Each of these officers will keep their jobs, not have to do patrol duty because they get cushy "sensitivity training," and they could be suspended without pay for as little as one day.

“The real issue here is, we all make mistakes,” the City Manager was quoted recently in an article. “We learn from those mistakes and move forward.”

Translation:  everybody shut up.  This man's life is pretty worthless.  So what if he was humiliated racially and taken advantage of because of his disability?  Those officers need to keep their jobs because they are more important than the citizens who pay their wages.

To make matters worse, the media picked up on this little frenzy and ALSO distributed the video of the victim being forced to act like a chimp.  Egad. 

I am so. so. disgusted.  I will bet you the video is all over youtube by now.


  1. It is not fair all we can do is not pass it on and make a comment that these police are cowards and bullies.

    1. Hopefully we can elect different people and I post this in the hopes that, by sharing stories like this, it brings change because enough people are speaking up. If this story can go viral, something will be done. :/


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