01 July 2015


So now I'm totally sucked into this show about life in exotic Birmingham, England.  If you ever wanted to see how people have it in the wealthy countries, you should watch Benefits Street.  English people receive free housing, free education, and they even?  Have free medical care.  I know, right?  It's crazy. 

So anyway.  These English people also have cute washing machines in their kitchens and lovely wallpaper.  And leather couches!  And they live in these dapper little row houses.  I mean, they're made of real brick and look like (aside from the partying in the street and stuff) places you'd actually want to live.  Well, except for the apartment of the bumbling but loveable "Fungi."  He has no water or electricity, and his place is falling apart on the inside.

White Dee seems to be the person who runs the whole area, and the main character.  She's like some maternal gangster type Don everyone comes to when they need a favour.  She has to be one of the most complex and interesting characters I've seen on a reality show in some time.  Parenting is a different game when your children live in the 'hood.  Although.  This is a mostly white 'hood where everyone has a charming accent and eats strange foods and drinks tea.  Can you imagine someone drinking tea in the 'hood?  Ok, there's something new.  I told you it was exotic.

On the whole, I'd recommend the show but there will be times where you want to throw stuff at the screen.  How is this economy even stable?  I'm asking seriously.


  1. We don't have that show here in Australia. Not that I know about anyway. We have Struggle Street, which I suppose is similar; it's about families living on the dole. We also have a show called Blinging up Baby; from England it's about mums, mostly young and single and on benefits, spending thousands of euros on the fanciest blinged up clothes for their babies. Google it.


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