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Information, Please.

Woodjie was very reluctant to try pasta.  He decided he HATES it after one bite. 

"But it has the same ingredients as pizza!" I declared.  "It has wheat and sauce.  The only thing missing is cheese!"

Out comes the mozzarella to appease him.  I also gave Woodjie the box and told him that there was a lot of information allll about the pasta on the box.  He read the ingredients and the blurb about how this pasta is the best ever, glanced at the recipes, all that stuff.  It's still not his fave thing but he's managing. 

PS.  Yes, I had Woodjie remove his shirt at the dinner table because sauce stains and he's still on the little side of being a big kid.  :)

Fun Stuff!

We went roller-skating last Tuesday and I think this may be a regular thing for the kids.  I bought them some elbow and knee pads and a helmet, though. Woodjie lands HARD.

We also went to the homeschool convention and honestly?  Meh.  Not much there of interest.  I was really disappointed but not surprised.  Rose really wanted to go this year, so we did.  We wound up ordering our stuff from Rainbow Resource Center because their stuff is the same price online as at their booth, but they don't charge tax online and shipping is free over $50. 

Rose wants this Egyptian Mummy kit.  I don't know why but she thinks it would be fun to dig him up and stuff.  Woodjie's request was for an art book about dragons. 

What Was Wrong With the Old Way?

The "standard algorithm" shown at the bottom of the picture works every time if one knows the basic math facts.  So why aren't schools teaching that, and having children practice problem after problem this way a good majority of the time?

I understand that sometimes we want to give children "number sense" or show them different ways to solve a problem. There's nothing wrong with occasionally showing children this sort of thinking once they have a solid understanding of how to do it the standard way.  Certainly what I often would do in cases like these is take the 200 away right off.  I'm left with 368 - 93, which I would either line up old-school style and solve OR I'd take 100 away and add seven.  Whatever I felt was easiest at the time.

But I think if I were shown this backward/ shortcut way of solving the problem at the same time I were learning my standard algorithms, I'd be very confused.  And that's just what many schools are doin…

Somebody Talk Me Down if I've Gone Crazy.

I have to approve youtube videos before they're uploaded by the teen boys.  And the latest one showed every messy hoarded corner in the house.  I told them that in future, you can't do that.

"But... every corner is messy in the house," objected a certain kid.

Seriously.  Thanks.

Well, I showed him two locations from which he could film and that wasn't good enough.  I told him he could also film outside.  And know what he told me?  Do you?  He said I was just like Adolf Hitler.

I don't know what it is about Adolf Hitler that everyone has to be compared to him, but I'm thinking it's a bit of a stretch in this case.  I got pretty offended.  I mean, are you going to tell me that killing over six million Jews, starting an entire world war and causing untold suffering is even comparable to my saying not to film the messy bits in my house!??

"It's just a matter of scale," the kid explained.


Co-op Adventures.

We've finally found a co-op and have been attending for art and PE.  You would not think that it would be possible to imitate the Rococo style of art using popsicle sticks, magic markers and Elmer's glue, but apparently that's a thing.  I'll show you a picture if/ when we get our projects back.  The children had a lot of fun with "sack races" as well.  These involved large black trash bags.  One of the children in the group figured out that he could pierce the bottom of the bag with his foot and then just run for the win!

Unfortunately my hernia has busted again and I'll need major surgery later.  Which is going to make for a horrible summer for everyone, but what can you do?  Rose was asking me this morning if I were going to die and what would happen.  I have no plans to die, but it is a possibility, life being what it is.  Not a likely possibility, but still, yeah, it's possible.  In answer to her question, what would happen is she'd have to b…

Forever My Little Boy

Do you want a small gift for a new parent of a little boy?  Tuck this in with a little Onesie and a small contribution to his college fund, and you've thought of everything. 

I love this book.  Karen Kingsbury's simple writing leads you through many of the milestones of childhood from birth through marriage and beyond.  She has a way to just touch the parent's heart in a few sentences.  The illustrations by Joanne Lew-Vriethoff compliment the writing perfectly.  They are so, so adorable.

From the very beginning, we see that our children are not really ours to keep.  Even right after birth, the doctors have taken this little baby (presumably to do tests and poke at him a bit).  It's a super-bittersweet book for parents of adult children.   

I'd keep the book far away from anyone who has ever lost a child, however.  I have a good friend who has lost a child and could not imagine even letting her peek at the cover.  Flipping through the book and made me think of all…

KC 1% Tax. It's for the Kids or Something.

Reporters followed Kansas City Mayor Sly James like overeager puppies recently as he walked through the ritzy areas of town tooting the "benefits" of a citywide earnings tax.  (Start the video around the three-minute mark.)  That's right; they skim 1% of your gross income just because you live or work in the city.

They always say they'll lay off police and fire fighters if they don't get what they want. But they never mention laying off anyone's brother's uncle's cousin who got a job because he knows someone but doesn't really have any work to do.  Or God forbid they have to stop handing out cash to corporations via TIF and other mega-tax breaks.

And the argument about the tax supporting great schools?  HA!!  Show me a person with an income over "on the edge of homelessness" who voluntarily sends their kids to Kansas City Public Schools, and I'll show you a crazy person.  This is the school district in which children are routinely …