13 June 2016

What Whitey McWhite Did for This Crispy Black Boy

I have no idea how I ran across this video.  Maybe that's what happens when you pick from "suggested" videos while you're on drugs.  Wheee...

Ok. SO. The speaker is saying basically that one can't criticise white people for adopting black children and be "pro-black"at the same time.  And also he's glad that the young adopted man in question got rid of his "ghetto-ass" name and advises him to stay away from N-s because they'll just tear him down.

Which... the speaker is black so he can't possibly mean "stay away from all black people."  Or... I dunno, maybe he does.  If the news has shown us all anything this week, it's that there is a lot of hate out there.  Language warning in the video in case you haven't figured that one out.

Here's hoping the kiddo is busy with his summer and enjoying his family before heading off to college or where-ever his dreams take him. 

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