27 August 2016


I've neglected my blog of late.  We've had a busy month and my parents came to visit for a while.  My dad even taught some of the children a bit about fencing!  He did very well in competitions years ago.

I haven't seen my parents in years and I asked what they'd like to do for dinner when they came by.  The answer was that just sandwiches would be great, so I went to the local deli and bought a bunch of stuff Wednesday night for their Friday visit. 

Probably the only (relatively) safe choice.
Turns out my parents weren't very hungry after we got all the fixings out.  I went off to have a sandwich myself later on and found the meat I had bought was rancid, smelly and slimy!  I could've killed them or something.  They said they didn't notice... but after that fiasco I bought only the plastic-y meats from the fridge case.  Can't be too careful.  Thankfully I got the $14 I paid for that putrid turkey back.  Blehh, we'll have ham for Thanksgiving instead, I'm thinking.

How embarrassing. But it was nice to catch up with them. 

Another thing that's been going on is that we've been scooting off to a local community center each week for art classes.  Soon PE will be happening as well.

The middle two boys are back in school again.  Emperor is a freshman and this is his first year going to school all day long.  So far I think it's been going on.  At least I haven't received any phone calls, except for one from the school counsellor, asking me how I thought things were going.  I thought that was a very nice touch.  The school has over 1700 students, so to receive a call just for him when nothing is wrong or pressing is a sweet gesture.

The other thing that's been going on is that each week we take one of our neighbours out.  Mrs. P is 87 years old and doesn't drive any more.  She still has all her wits about her, though, and sees Elf at her house each week for a visit and a chat in German.  She grew up in Nazi Germany and is now a very proud American.  The littlest children call her "Oma" and she often has chocolate for them.

We're getting back into the schoolwork routine and often Woodjie will want a board game at night after dinner.  He still plays Candyland and Chutes and Ladders, but he'll also happily play Clue or Parcheesi.  Rose likes to sit and watch the game.


  1. Oh dear bad meat not good I would stay away from that Deli, it has happened to me too
    Always good to catch up.

  2. I'm able to small bad deli meat even through the wrapping and many times at the checkout I'd tell a customer her sliced meat was off and she should take it right back to the service deli.

  3. Ham for Thanksgiving is a better idea! Hope you are back to school routine happily! Explore more learning activities in http://www.kidsfront.com/


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