13 June 2017

Missouri Representative Mike Moon Chops up Live Chicken, Internet Freaks Out

Ok, so Representative Moon posted a video on facebook of him ripping a chicken's head off while he introduced a proposed bill.  Hey, at least he is killing his chicken for food.  With abortion, there is no excuse.  I get his point.  But it doesn't seem to me to lend any proposed bill the serious consideration it deserves.

I read the article in the Kansas City Star and saw the video.  I guess I was waiting for something more shocking to happen.  One of our blog friends posted a "how to prepare a chicken" series several years back - perhaps you remember it.  She'd raise chickens from egghood and after a good life, it was time to prepare them as food at maturity.  There was a set method to it and it was reasonably quick and humane.

Mind you, she didn't ramble about abortion on in her post, dig in around the innards, yank out chickie's heart and proclaim she's gonna get to the "heart of the matter" or anything like that.  Yeewhh.

I do find it interesting, however, that there are some people on the newspaper's facebook page more shocked about the killing of this chicken than they are about factory farming or even actual abortion.  Those people need to get out more.


  1. The world is a sad place when people care more about this chicken killing than abortion and factory farming.
    I remember my teen years living with my mum. She raised poultry for people's Christmas dinners and early December was a bloodbath down the back of the yard with chickens etc having their heads chopped off before being dunked in boiling water so the feathers could be plucked easier.

    1. That is so hard to see. I find it disturbing because I am not used to being that close to the process. But I *know* in my heart of hearts these little farms where Mum is raising the chooks in the backyard - I know these animals have a good life and there is that *balance* there. And the meat was probably much more healthful.


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