16 May 2018

I'm Pro- Second Amendment... But...

Maybe some people shouldn't own guns?  Our local police department just sent out the following alert on social media:

"(The Police Department)  has gotten an increased number of calls about theft from vehicles, particularly guns stolen from UNLOCKED cars. Roll up the windows, lock your car every time you leave it and take all your valuables with you (including your wallets, house keys, weapons, phones, social security cards, etc). Lock any identifiable information, like your insurance card with your home address, in the glove compartment. Help protect your belongings, unlocked cars make easy targets for thieves."

A commenter added that maybe taking your garage door opener out of the car MIGHT just be a good idea as well.

Their previous post reminded us all not to give credit card numbers over the phone to pay outstanding traffic tickets and warrants to people claiming that paying fees over the phone will get them out of jail time.  I'm pretty sure that if you have a warrant and they know where you live, they will eventually drop on by to visit because they're really customer-service oriented like that.  They also give free rides to the station as part of the "wanted criminal package" and you are under no obligation to tip them.  At least I don't think they accept tips.  You can try it and find out, though.


  1. "service oriented like that" LOL!

  2. Hope all is well with your family and you're enjoying summer. I keep checking back to see if you have a new post.


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