25 September 2008


We have ourselves an infestation. Wanna come over and share a comb?


  1. I think I will pass. :-) We had head lice two years ago. We made it through it but we are not insect lovers and it was one of the most trying things I've ever had to deal with. Probably nothing for some people but it was a long, long couple of months for my two daughters and me. I can relate some what but I don't know anything about hair maggots, sorry. I hope you are free of them soon.


  2. LOL dj, read the post below. We were playing with rice!!

    Fooled ya.

  3. Makes me laugh, then gag, then laugh, then want Chipotle with three large scoops of rice... then gag again [smile].



  4. I didn't even read the post about playing with rice yet, but I knew that wasn't lice!

    You're so silly! Imagine if it was....oh, that would be disgusting! They'd be HUGE!

  5. You got me! Then I scrolled down. Like dj, my kids had head lice. Enough said right there. My son always loved the rice table when he went to speech.

  6. Oh, my, got me good! :-) I'm still itching though.

    Blessings! :-)

  7. I had head lice 3 times when I was a teenager because of a bus ministry at our church. Just the thought makes me want to cry.

    Funny pic though!

  8. I was HORRIFIED to see "J"s head.... until I read a bit more! Yeah thanks for that!

  9. Too funny! I knew what it was right away, though. I am raising my kids in Japan after all. We've had "head rice" around here lots of times!

  10. Wow, I was very grossed out until I read about the rice. Girl, you're crazy.

    I got food from the food bank once that had real maggots in it. It was not funny at all.

  11. You got me too, for a few seconds anyways! I was looking at the photo in amazement thinking, "is THAT what lice looks like? Wait, no, she said hair "maggots", wow, you learn something new every day.." then I started reading the comments as I'm thinking, "I wonder how you get these, and how you get rid of them..oh, my gosh it's a joke!"

  12. when I looked at the pic I first thought, that looks like rice - I swear, pinky swear that I did :)

    My son came home from nursery school with head lice - all the kids did. And he had a full giant Afro - it was the 70s.

    That was one of my finest Mom moments. Shampooing and combing and answering questions like - "No they won't get into your brain" and "No you can't keep them"

  13. Oh your poor family. I hope you get rid of these asap!
    I've enjoyed visiting your blog. You are a very dedicated mom.

  14. You silly girl. I just read this isn't lice but rice! Good one!

  15. The day after I read this one of my son's helpers called to say she couldn't come over because SHE has lice! I should have asked her if she was sure it wasn't hair maggots! ;)

  16. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little...

    am slightly relieved now that I know it is RICE.
    Ahh, sensory play. I have gotten so sick of cleaning up beans!

  17. EWWWW......I really thought it was real until I scrolled down. SHEW!!!!
    I gasped for real, you got me good on that one.


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