14 December 2012

Dear Stupid People

This did not all happen because God was "kicked out of school."  How freaking stupid ARE you to think that the King of the Universe is gonna obey some petty bureaucrat's rules and just let people get slaughtered.

No, wait.  How stupid are you not only to believe that crack-smoking theology, but to share it on social media.  Or stupid cubed?  Is seeing this opinion and "sharing" the wisdom.  Or telling your readers that 3,000 babies died from abortion today, and that's a way bigger number than 27... or that the solution to the problem is nobody having guns.  Or everybody having a gun.  Or bla bla bla whatever.

Shut up.

Just shut up.

Just shut up about whether you think the person who did this had mental illness A, B, or C or is autistic.  Do you know how many people out there with these diagnoses are healthy, productive members of their communities?  (You don't know, do you?  You have no clue.) And guess how many people without disabilities or diagnosed mental illness go ballistic psycho, molest kids, or whathaveyou?

No fair saying well, anyone who commits a crime like this must therefore have a mental illness or be autistic.  Circular reasoning much?  I have no clue what the actual case is here.  I just wish you would shut up because you don't know what the hell you're talking about.

Want to be helpful?  Pray for people.  Advocate for a better mental health system.  Help a local family in crisis.  Donate to a clothes closet or food pantry.  Just go do something besides running your mouth and saying, "Thank God we homeschool!" or, "This is what happens when prayer gets kicked out of school."  You really think those teachers and kids weren't praying in their final moments?  Do you really think you are safe because you homeschool?  I guess you never go to the mall or the movie theaters.

I am so tempted to throw an angry cat at your head but I think we've had enough violence for today.


  1. You rock. Thank you for saying what needs to be said. Somehow in the face of tragedy, stupidity breeds like rats.

  2. Yes and Yes. I've blocked more facebook posts this evening than I did during the entire pre-election period. This is not our opportunity be right about whatever we think is wrong with the world. It's our opportunity to pray for our fellow man and so many people are wasting it.

  3. The only thing I could think was "Jesus wept." This is not the time for us to jump on our religious or political soapboxes and spew our favorite rant while families and a community are hurting.

    My thoughts have more questions than answers. It also points to the difficulties families have in caring for mentally ill. My daughter Pamela, 23yo, autistic with aphasia, has turned into a lovely companion. She may never go to college or make enough to support herself, but she is a joy. She loves life. She loves people, and people love her.

    However, there are families like the Lanzas with troubled or disturbed adult children. It sounds like this young man was "intelligent" enough but something else was clearly wrong. Are there humane places or humane ways to address someone who is disturbed and a potential harm to society without infringing on their rights as humans? Are there ways to support the families who bear this burden for years but do not want to see their adult children locked up in an institution that makes the disorders even worse?

    How do we with ASD kids, especially adults, help society to see our kids as persons and not as potential killers because of the media coverage? I guess that is why Pamela goes everywhere with me so people can love her for her quirks and in spite of her quirks. But, some families have children with serious sensory issues and going out and about as she and I do is not possible yet.

  4. I agree completely. This broke my heart.

  5. I agree... we all need to take a moment and process this before shooting off at the mouth. Stupid people like to quickly blame someone or something so they can go back to their blissful ignorance when the issue is much more complicated than that.

  6. Seconding the "you rock" comment. And putting it in all caps. YOU ROCK.


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