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A Cup of Homeschool Hatred!

via facebook.  Used w/ permission of Dawne Shelton
I thought this pic was sweet when I first saw it.  You know.  Grandma cooks in the kitchen, the kids have a nourishing and very special meal made just as they like it.  A professional chef can (of course!) do a wonderful job, but his food is just not made just for you like Grandma's.  It just isn't.

Well.  A homeschool curriculum provider posted this little picture on facebook and almost every teacher in the world blew up.  How dare you say that teachers don't love their kids??!  "I have heard this kind of thing so often over the last 24 years that it has actually worn away at my self confidence regarding my profession," wrote one disgruntled old hag.

"I too take offence at this," snapped some lady whose avatar pic appeared to have been taken in 1982. "It implies that having a teaching degree appears to negate my ability to love the students in my class."

Some other teachers were a bit more balanced in their approach, stating that this in no way is "downing" a professional chef or the work they do.  What's everyone's problem today?

I really couldn't tell you.  

It is rather akin to Folgers getting all butthurt because some family decided to grow beans and drink their own coffee or something.  The artisinal coffee, you know, could totally suck.  I've had "artisinal" crap before and about half the time it's marvellous and the other half?  Well?  Let's just say they'll never have to scale up their product for the mass market, ok?

What's with all the hate?  I mean, personally?  I don't want public school teachers "loving" my kids anyway.  Be nice to them.  Care for them.  But no thanks on all the love and stuff.  Ya weirdo.



  1. There's just no pleasing everybody. Like that person said, you can please some of the people some of the time....etc, I don't remember the rest of it.

    1. You can't please all the people all the time. I really don't think 1. this was meant to be offensive; and 2. most teachers would actually find the idea of being the professional offensive. :)

    2. I don't think it was meant to be offensive either. And I know plenty of teachers who dearly love the kids they teach every year. Usually they are the best teachers, they love kids and love to teach and get remembered fondly long after the child has grown up.

  2. I've been both a classroom teacher and a homeschool mom. I relate so well to this meme. There are things I could do in the classroom that were very effective and excellent. Much as a chef has expert culinary knowledge and access to different ingredients than grandma. But in the end, I was cooking for the masses. If you don't like mushrooms and I'm serving mushroom ravioli that day, you are going to hate it. As a homeschooling mama, I know better than to serve mushroom ravioli toy kid. If I find in necessary to have her eat mushrooms, I would hide them well in gravey or cheese. When I teach math, my kiddo doesn't go to math class as that would be like serving her mushroom ravioli. Instead I hide it in the gravy of cooking or the cheese of art. I lived my students, but to say that I loved them like my own in farce. I love no one like my own daughters. Many of my first students are now my friends (it's not weird. I taught seniors when I was only 22 myself, and we are all in our mid 30s today and our kids are the same ages). They know I love them, but it is still different. It's the difference between loving your friends and loving your spouse. I could give the kids in my classroom engaging, project based, fantastic lessons that would be impractical for me to recreate in my house. But at home, I can tailor the lessons so that each is palitable for my girl.

    1. Ugh. I typed it on my phone and didn't check spelling... Forgive me.

    2. Ugh. I typed it on my phone and didn't check spelling... Forgive me.

    3. I LOVE this comment so, so much, DuVall. You've expressed it just so well and even-handedly.

      My son "Patrick" is 22 and is real friends with his high school music teacher. They hang out and all kinds of things. It is not creepy at all, and there were simply certain boundaries (legally and ethically) while he was in school. He was 18 and done with school when they went to the city's fall festival or bowled with friends or whatever.

      Thank you so much for your comment!

  3. Just dropping in to wish you & your family a Happy 2016 New Year, Christine!

    1. Thank you for that note from the future, Carol! We still have a few hours of 2015 here. :)

  4. Heh, well, people get offended at anything and everything. Playing online chess I used to say "good game," but a lot of people got offended if they actually played a bad game--hung their queen or something. So I switched to "thanks for playing!" Apparently that was still pretty offensive because one guy really got upset after that. One of my fellow online chess players (Gorgonian on FICS) sent me this message to help me avoid offending anyone: "Dear gender neutral opponent, I duly and humbly and thusly offer my sincerest thanks for the previous game and its attendant moves whether they be of generally poor or superior quality. Please accept this textual offering of mood neutral acknowledgement in the spirit with which it is intended and have an inoffensive remainder of the day "

    I keep it handy in case of emergencies, but thankfully not everyone is too touchy...I usually can say "thanks for the game" without fear. ;) Aren't you glad most otb chess players aren't quite as fussy?

    1. (I mean really, most chess players are awesome in my book...there are just one or two that are a bit strange.)

    2. I am laughing SO HARD at your comment! ba ha ha!

  5. An oldie but a goodie. If I hadn't had teachers say things to me that specifically meant they didn't love my kids then.... ummmm... well. Sure teachers have the capacity to love children in their classroom... but each and everyone with the love of a parent... nope.. never. They can get over it. I have.

  6. Haha! People take things personally sometimes that are not about them!


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