04 February 2014

Secret Thoughts of a First-Year Homeschool Mom.


All right, everybody.  I've started a blog and a Pinterest account.  I'm going to be homeschooling soon!  I've pinned every cute "school" idea using clothespins and crayons that exists!  I've researched every curriculum!  I'm going with "Alpha Sun Beka Jones Whatever" stuff because it's so much better than all the rest!  I know it's going to be so awesome!

Read my preachy blog post all about "Alpha Sun Beka Jones Whatever" curriculum!  Look at the mega box which just arrived!  See my children pose with all their books!  They are so excited!  I caught a child peeking in the cover of a textbook.  I snapped a photo and shared online.  This curriculum is magical.  They are already learning soooo much.

I'm also posting cheesy photos of my children with giant 1, 2, and 7 placards, indicating their grade levels this year and consigning them to fashion hell in about... ok, nevermind, I'm consigning them now.  Tacky.


We opened a book!  Here's a picture of my kids opening a book.  I'm also posting this list of "helpful homeschooling websites" I found/pirated from other sites.  Allow me to take a little time here to spout off about how glad I am that God called me to homeschool, and how great homeschooling is.

God loves me, and I know all my readers love me, too.  Go ahead and leave me a comment telling me so.


Turkey handprint crafts!  Plans for Thanksgiving!  Goofy instagram photos!  Crafts!

And Christmas!  Wheeeee!  I'm so high on sugar, I'm just going to open five jars of glitter and post all about the mess my kids made as though that were some big surprising thing.  You can comment about how this is so. funny. and cute.


Oh.  Sorry I've been quiet on the internet.  This homeschooling thing can be hard work once you get past the "review" lessons and the relatives have left.  I'm going to post some random "Throwback Thursday" photo and hope you don't notice.


My daughter says she hates me and wants to go back to school.  Time to hit the social media websites and ask random strangers for advice!


  1. Life becomes a steamy hot cup of my own personal hell and you go and make me laugh out loud.

    This is why I love you. You get me, I get you, and we get funny!!! lol

    1. That's not the sort of "hot and steamy" I would wish into a friend's life, but glad I made ya smile for just a little. :)

  2. "September: we opened a book"
    That made me laugh quite a lot. Is opening a book such a big deal?
    My kids have been opening books for years, yes even school books, voluntarily.
    I remember as a child going to the school the week before school began for the year and getting my new books, including several required reading novels. I read the lot before school started and glanced through all the other text books too, especially the science one and trying some of the math problems.

    1. I know, right? But I guess my point is just opening a book and learning a few cursory things isn't quite the same thing as getting knee-deep into a subject, struggling, and finally mastering a concept. :)

  3. Hm. I mean, I smiled. You make me giggle. But I also recently wrote a post based on three separate blog posts that all revolved around this same theme from moms who are in the January/February season of the year. I think it's natural to go through ups and downs every year. I'm always excited about a new piece of technology that's coming out, I get it and it's amazing, and then I discover that I don't use it nearly as much as I had hoped I would, leaving me bummed out; What do you mean my new video camera didn't instantly make me a better filmmaker!?

    Perhaps, then, the cautionary tale isn't so much that homeschooling will end in failure but that pride goes before a fall and posting certain things on social media can be annoying. And maybe that was the point all along. But for moms -- and dads -- who may be going through the post holiday slump, I don't want to add more discouragement. Homeschooling is a wonderful thing! But it certainly isn't always fun and sparkly.

    Sorry, trying to untangle my thoughts and I opted to spew them in the comments... because that's what bloggy friends are for! Right? Right!


    1. Right!

      Really I was just over-magnifying the posts I've been seeing online myself. Either homeschooling is all pinterest perfect and the kids are learning a ton, or "Shelby" wants to run away with the circus/go back to public school and the house is a mess. :)

  4. I think this is one of my most favourite posts, ever!


Non-troll comments always welcome! :)

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