14 January 2019

Woodjie's Roller Dance Routine!

Only a few people were selected to perform their routines at a recent club fundraiser.  I went to upload this video and was pretty shocked that I've been away quite this long!  Hopefully you'll see that he has improved immensely! 

PS - I swear those pants were actually a bit long when I made them a few months ago!  Proper skating pants are meant to rest about halfway down the top of the foot.  Ehmmm... nope.

08 August 2018

Star Trek Roller Skating!

Woodjie LOVES the audience.

 I made these little outfits for the children and they danced to the Star Trek: Next Generation theme song together at a recent skating competition in Union, Missouri!  They came in second for the regional pairs dance in their division. 

16 May 2018

I'm Pro- Second Amendment... But...

Maybe some people shouldn't own guns?  Our local police department just sent out the following alert on social media:

"(The Police Department)  has gotten an increased number of calls about theft from vehicles, particularly guns stolen from UNLOCKED cars. Roll up the windows, lock your car every time you leave it and take all your valuables with you (including your wallets, house keys, weapons, phones, social security cards, etc). Lock any identifiable information, like your insurance card with your home address, in the glove compartment. Help protect your belongings, unlocked cars make easy targets for thieves."

A commenter added that maybe taking your garage door opener out of the car MIGHT just be a good idea as well.

Their previous post reminded us all not to give credit card numbers over the phone to pay outstanding traffic tickets and warrants to people claiming that paying fees over the phone will get them out of jail time.  I'm pretty sure that if you have a warrant and they know where you live, they will eventually drop on by to visit because they're really customer-service oriented like that.  They also give free rides to the station as part of the "wanted criminal package" and you are under no obligation to tip them.  At least I don't think they accept tips.  You can try it and find out, though.

02 May 2018

My Scottish Family, the Jacks.

Here's my great-great grandfather William Jack.  He was born in 1857 in Airdrie, Lanarkshire, and sailed with 74th Highlanders in HMS Troopship Jamar to Singapore in 1879.  I played with the filters on this one as the original copy was rather browning.

This is my third great-uncle, or if you'd rather, William Jack's big brother.  His name was Thomas Jack and he was born in August 1839. According to census documents, throughout his life he was both a cotton weaver and an "Ingine Keeper at Coal Pit."

11 April 2018

My 1941 Singer!

It was my grandmother's.  This machine does everything the modern machines do... if you like to sew in a straight line.  It's a bit harder to thread than the new machines and the needle is placed in sidewise.  Not sure how I'll replace this one when it breaks.

It came with a carrying case, some extra bobbins, bunches of special attachments, and an instruction booklet.  The instructions tell you to call your Electric Light Company to enquire about the specific voltage and cycles of your local electricity.  Yeah, I skipped that step.  

Rose is not sure she wants to try to thread this machine.  It really isn't that hard, kiddo.

Woodjie wanted his photo taken, too!  Isn't he cute?  

08 April 2018

$4 Thrift Store Dress Makeover!

I got a cute velour dress for Rose at the local thrift shop, but the "bling" parts were missing.  I think someone pulled them off before making their donation.  So I'm gluing little craft gems for a bit of sparkle!

I rolled a bit of dental wax onto the end of this thumbtack.  See how it sticks to the little gem?  That saves my fingers from getting glue-y.  "Dental wax" is the stuff people put on the brackets of their braces when they first get them or when they've gotten a sharp edge and are waiting for an appointment.  If you don't have occasion to get it for "free" with your $5000 purchase as we did, it's available at your local drugstore.
For this project, I used Gem-Tac glue, but I think next time I'll use the trusty E6000.  It is far more messy, hard to accurately dispense and has smelly/ bad for you fumes, but it holds better.

A close-up of the pattern on Rose's "new" dress.

So pretty!  Rose chose pink and clear gems for this project.  

Woodjie's Roller Dance Routine!

Only a few people were selected to perform their routines at a recent club fundraiser.  I went to upload this video and was pretty shocked...