31 August 2014

Happy Weekend!

G came to visit from Smallville for the weekend and we got a chance to spend time together and go to lunch and all that sort of thing.  Only little people really pose for pictures any more, though...  Do you like Rose's "Doughnut of Death" bun?  It's basically a plastic sponge with a hole in the middle, popped onto the end of her ponytail. 

29 August 2014

Should You Test Your Child?

A facebook group poster was wondering whether her kindergarten child needed to do all the tests the school wanted.  One answer:

I opt in to every standardised test possible. The standards keep changing, and it's "normed" and updated all the time with new versions. We need the very latest information on how my child is doing.  

I also need to pressure my kid every year to be the *best* even though the *best* is really a relative and moving target. 

Since I have nothing else to care about, I find it gives me a false sense of security when my child tests well, and something to worry about if my child scores less than "average." Because golly, only 50 percent of the children score below the 50th percentile on a given test and YOU DO NOT WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO YOUR KID!!

I hope that helps!  :)

28 August 2014


Sort of Clark Kent look, complete with chewy.  The kid has an astigmatism and bad vision.  He's cute tho'.  He says now he can see everything, but he can't see through fog.  Need different glasses for that.

Recently, Rose and Woodjie picked apples from our tree!

We try to write two sentences a couple of times a week.  This is Woodjie's.

Rose lives in sort of a crazy castle.

27 August 2014

Should Homeschoolers Police Their Own?

Should they speak out against the cray-cray in their own community?  Or just shut up about it?

Michael Farris said recently that HSLDA should focus on defending homeschool freedom, although they should have spoken out sooner against extreme patriarchy and the "overuse" of physical discipline that has resulted in more than one child death.

"I truly hope that our movement will continue to demonstrate considerable tolerance for differences of opinion," he wrote. "But I also hope that we will show the maturity to understand that some opinions deserve no promotion. Our movement will only be tainted by extremist views if we give our platforms over to such teachers."



With that thought in mind, HSLDA, please take your own advice and stop promoting Common Core materials via email to your members.  Don't take their ad money if you are opposed to a federal education system, k?  Can we stop pandering to the crazies on both sides of the political spectrum?  


24 August 2014

Feeding Children Garbage, Literally.

The kid wanted pizza.  But they were sold out!  So the three different adults at one school decided the best thing to do would be to fish around in the trash, find some pizza, and give it to her. 

It sorta tasted funny, she complained.

Worse?  She's diabetic and somehow this particular pizza was what she was supposed to have.  Guess they couldn't save one for someone with medical needs.  Awful.

Even worse?  The parents are sending this kid to school again.  Because yeah, they should really trust that staff with their child's life every weekday.

23 August 2014

And We Criticise the Duggars.

A 24-year-old man has fathered at least 16 babies via surrogates, and since he's rich?  He wants to keep having  many as possible.  In fact, he planned to have so many kids that it would help him win elections. 

Ok, so he's a nut.  But I'm not sure he's done anything illegal, and I don't see why they've taken his children from him.

18 August 2014

Iowa Open

Ok, so Rose lost every game.  But she had a great time in the Rated Beginner section.  Emperor played in the Reserve section.  We got to see plenty of players we don't normally run across.  Still sorting the laundry from our trip.  :)