24 May 2015

Do You Hate Fat People?

There are a lot of old people. There are a lot of fat people. There are not a lot of old, fat people.

23 May 2015

Busy Week.

Goofy hospital photo, playing video games.
Woodjie passed out and clonked his head after becoming upset and worried.  Had a CT scan, blood work, an IV and various chicken dances and stuff I forgot.  But his EKG didn't look right and he was rushed to Children's Mercy Hospital by ambulance.  Doc there disagreed that it looked bad.  Observation and fluids overnight.  Lots of alarms and monitoring.  We were sent home with the idea that this is probably dehydration and anxiety, but we might never know.  He still has to see a pediatric cardiologist and his regular doctor and some other people.  Poor kiddo.  At least he's home now.

Just a Facebook Comment About the Duggars

What we've been told so far is disgusting. And I don't agree with the "just forgive" or "it's not a big deal" people out there. I think the most disgusting part, really, is the statute of limitations. There shouldn't be one. 

But I'm not sure what the parents should have done, however, and what help is out there for people with these sorts of problems. Or what help is out there for child molesters and so on. Everyone doesn't want them in their neighbourhood, but they live somewhere. What does work? I mean scientifically and nevermind the Duggars for a sec. 

I find the Duggars mildly entertaining and interesting, but people put far too much stock in what this or that Christian says or believes instead of looking to the Scriptures themselves. Happened in Paul's day and is certainly happening now, this Christian celebrity. Was Paul crucified for you?

18 May 2015

Explain Why 3 + 8 = 11

Why do our children have to prove they understand math by explaining it when they are unable to explain their Language Arts. If I asked my son to explain why he put a comma in a sentence, he would not even know the vocabulary to explain why.

Sentence: I went to school, and I took a test.

Explanation: When two independent clauses are connected with a coordinating conjunction, one needs to place a comma after the first independent clause and before the coordinating conjunction.

Does he know English if he can't explain it?

-- written by an activist mom on an education-related facebook page.  Used with her permission.

17 May 2015

May in Missouri

A spring storm that swept across Missouri churned up at least one tornado and is causing flooding along several rivers....
Posted by KCTV5 News on Sunday, May 17, 2015
My note:  Apparently a tornado also ripped through Orrick... again.  That's very close to where my son G lives (he's fine).  The top photo is of damage in Sibley, Missouri, last night.  Notice how the entire roof is gone, but somehow the china cups are untouched.  Other than having to wake the children in the middle of the night and cower in the basement for a little bit, we're remarkably unaffected.  We're in Clay County.

Iron Fish: The Lucky Way to Prevent Anemia.

BBC News also has a nice writeup about the efforts in Cambodia here.

16 May 2015

Public Schools Forcing Conversion to Christianity

 Valyntyne Hale (yeesh, what a name) and her dad like to worship the Devil and stuff.  Whatever.  Their life.  But her middle school won't let her wear dog collars and skirts so short, everyone can see her hoochie.

“The school is bound and determined to use any means necessary to try to convert her to Christianity,”  her dad whined recently.  The school made her change her skirt (and possibly remove her bondagewear - the article didn't mention).

Funny thing, that.  I think by this standard of measurement, most schools all over the world are now Christian schools.  The missionaries can all come home now.