01 July 2015


So now I'm totally sucked into this show about life in exotic Birmingham, England.  If you ever wanted to see how people have it in the wealthy countries, you should watch Benefits Street.  English people receive free housing, free education, and they even?  Have free medical care.  I know, right?  It's crazy. 

So anyway.  These English people also have cute washing machines in their kitchens and lovely wallpaper.  And leather couches!  And they live in these dapper little row houses.  I mean, they're made of real brick and look like (aside from the partying in the street and stuff) places you'd actually want to live.  Well, except for the apartment of the bumbling but loveable "Fungi."  He has no water or electricity, and his place is falling apart on the inside.

White Dee seems to be the person who runs the whole area, and the main character.  She's like some maternal gangster type Don everyone comes to when they need a favour.  She has to be one of the most complex and interesting characters I've seen on a reality show in some time.  Parenting is a different game when your children live in the 'hood.  Although.  This is a mostly white 'hood where everyone has a charming accent and eats strange foods and drinks tea.  Can you imagine someone drinking tea in the 'hood?  Ok, there's something new.  I told you it was exotic.

On the whole, I'd recommend the show but there will be times where you want to throw stuff at the screen.  How is this economy even stable?  I'm asking seriously.

28 June 2015

Weird Stuff

Weird Stuff antiques in Kansas City's River Market district is just that.  You could spend about all day there and still not see everything.  My fave things were the barstools and table, but there's no way our floors would be able to handle that heavy furniture being scraped about.  You can "like" their facebook page here.

23 June 2015

Donating to Locks of Love

 Rose has been wanting to donate her hair for some time now, and it's finally long enough.  We went to Great Clips in Liberty, and they gave her a free 'do.  There were several people ahead of us as it's a happenin' place.

I think that Esther did a great job of keeping the girlie look despite taking so much hair off the back.  You can't tell from the picture, but this is one of those haircuts that is shorter in the back than the front.

22 June 2015

Jesus Calling for Little Ones

"I made you, and you are My child.
I created everything.  Of all My
creations - from the sun, oceans,
flowers, big fish, and tiny butterflies -
My children are My favorite!" 

Jesus Calling for Little Ones is written as though God were speaking to children about creation, how important children are to Him, and how He wants kids to praise Him and forgive one another.  Sarah Young's simple but inspiring words are cheerfully illustrated by Antonia Woodward.  The characters look very much like the old Chutes and Ladders kids, don't they?  But the setting is ancient Israel, and throughout the book, children are running and playing and spending time with their families as they did during the time of Jesus.

It's not a little board book, either.  At 22 pages, it's a sit-down story for a toddler or preschooler.  Woodjie (age 8) is able to read most of the book on his own (except for words like Thessalonians, ok?) and picked this book out himself.  It would make an excellent addition to a church library or as a gift for a preschooler.  It's part of the Jesus Calling® series, which has sold over 14 million copies worldwide.  I think you'd enjoy it.
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19 June 2015

Emperor is Home!

Emperor had a great time at chess camp.  He's pictured here with WIM Viktorija Ni and some of the awards he received.  (WIM stands for Women's International Master.)

Despite the long drive there and back, D and I had some fun times along the way as well.  We stopped at the Kitchen Gallery of Topeka and picked out a few pieces of Polish pottery.  They didn't have a huge, huge selection, but there was definitely enough there to make the little jaunt off highway 70 worth it.

Because Lindsborg is several hours away, we also had to take rest stops.  Sometimes there are odd things in the public restroom areas off the highway.  For reference, Emperor is six feet tall  now.

We also saw about a zillion cicadas as it's their hatching season.  If you listen, even with the windows up on the highway, you can hear the eee- eee-eeee of the insects flying and calling all over.  Millions of them swarming about and thunking into the windshield.

Well, we're glad to be home.  Do you like my new saltshakers? 

18 June 2015

We grieve for the victims of the shooting at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South...

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