04 May 2015

Handcuffing Children at School

If parents handcuffed their 5-year-old for throwing a tantrum, it would be called child abuse. How is this OK if police...
Posted by Practical Homeschooling on Monday, May 4, 2015

My note: It really sounds as though this child needs school-at-home via the internet, or an alternative placement.  For them to allow the situation to escalate so shows that they have lost control.   The problem with the he-said she-said in incidents like this is that often, the teachers are goading the children, or do not know how to deal with meltdowns before they escalate, or the child is placed in the cheapest environment possible and the teacher is overwhelmed but well-meaning.  You just can't tell from an article in the news.

02 May 2015

Homeschool Organization

I just bought these binders for Woodjie and Rose.  I can pop the day's worksheets into their folders.  The children decided where they wanted their tabs, and Rose has already decorated her binder.  It seems every year we have to come up with some new system.  This will keep five subjects organized - the others are either not workbook-related or are the subjects in which we use LIFEPACs.

Case for Grace for Kids by Lee Strobel

Don't let the easy-to-read text fool you.  This isn't a book just for kids.  This is a powerful work you won't be able to put down.  It will affect you. 

You might remember Lee Strobel as the author of the Case for Christ.  The Case for Grace for Kids book is not written in the same logical, step-by-step manner.  It's a more emotional work that will appeal especially to your eight- to fifteen-year-old.  God's grace changes lives and gives even children the power to do what's right and to live better lives. 

It's 167 pages, but it won't take long to get through as it's written at a third-grade reading level.  I found myself spending longer than I meant to in one sitting with this book.  My favourite story is the one about Stephanie and the story of what happened after her mother abandoned her.  I don't usually snuffle through stories in kids' books, but this one made me cry!

I'd recommend this book especially for preteens.  Although the publisher recommends children 8-12 as the book's primary audience, I think it really gets into the whole concept of  "relationship with God and others" at a level that only preteens and teens can understand and appreciate.

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BJU 2 Bible Curriculum: A Servant's Heart

The BJU Bible Curriculum is pretty densely-packed stuff considering the grade level.  We have the Third Edition because that's what Emperor and Elf used when they were little.  I just bought new workbooks to go with it several years ago.  I've taken a look at the fourth edition, and aside from a few minor changes, it's the same quality program.  Here are some sample pages if you're interested.

What I like about the curriculum is that every effort is made to be as detailed as possible for young people.  Even second-graders can learn some of the books and the order in which they go in the Bible.  As we go through this curriculum, Rose and Woodjie will learn a bit about how to look up verses.  They just got their very own Bibles and are excited about this class. 

Because it's intensely language-based and Woodjie is autistic, it might take us more than a year to get through.  We'll see how it goes.  I am hoping he can read the book that goes with the curriculum and go through the worksheets that review it.

30 April 2015

End-of-Year Celebrations

EVERY time we finish a subject for the school year, it's time for a celebration.  This was part of our maths celebration.  Today's bundt cake will be a lemon language arts celebration!  We'll count that as home ec.  Yummers.

We have more time for games and trips to the park.  Woodjie LOVES Candy Land.

Apparently we removed our kid's nose somehow.  Ok, anyway... Rose has been busy playing with the new IQ Fit game.  It's full of brain-teasing puzzles. 

29 April 2015

American Academy of Pediatrics: Send Your Kid to School With Lice

Why bother to do the considerate thing and wait until your child is completely nit-free before shipping her off to school to share combs?  Schools really need the state money and your kid?  Works for the school.

I mean, you can go to school with lice eggs all over yourself.  You don't feel sick with lice and lice can't jump, so it should be okie-dokie and all the other parents ought to be perfectly happy about it when your kid shows up with the cooties.  It's not as though lice could, you know, hatch during the day and spread or anything.  As long as the entire class of 30 exuberant kindergarteners somehow never touch each other during circle time, play time, lunch time or any other of a hundred activities they participate in daily, it's not a problem.

And really.  How hard can that be?

I can't believe this is a real recommendation but apparently?  Yeah.

26 April 2015

Language Arts Curriculum 2015-2016

We'll be working with Horizons Spelling and Vocabulary, Grade 2 from Alpha Omega Publications.  I took the workbooks to Office Depot and got them spiral-bound for just under $10.  It's another expense, but I figure it'll make using the books so much easier.  I really like how they turned out.  The dictionary that comes with the program defines each word and often includes a small picture.  It's a nice little book and matches the set.
A sample page from the speller. We'll also be practicing our words on the BigIQ Kids website.
We'll also be finishing our Grade 2 English curriculum from BJU Press and beginning Grade 3 sometime in the fall.  There are plenty of grade 3 samples at this link.  I find them to be very friendly, if sometimes a bit difficult for little people.  Much of the third grade is a review of the second, which is fine because a LOT of material is covered in the second grade.  We'll also be writing in our journals occasionally so that we can hone our writing skills.