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Happenings at Home

We're back into some sort of summer routine now.  Emperor is back at the community center taking lessons on "how to swim and not die." 

Elf is curled up with Minecraft in the basement and Patrick is doing some sort of game on his computer.  Since G moved out last October, they've shared a room in the basement and just sort of sit near each other and do their own thing.  G is doing very well, by the way.  He visited us last weekend and played foam swordfights with some of the children in the backyard.

Woodjie and Rose are upstairs right now playing "educational games" on the kindle.  I can trust them both with my (password locked so they can't buy anything or watch racy movies) kindle because Rose?  Is going through a tattle-tale phase.  I'm gonna use that to my advantage.  Woodjie alone with the kindle would mean "Pokemon movies" with the Pokemon app non-stop.  (He loves that!)

Rose and Emperor have been going to little chess tournaments …

A Message from #TeamIsaiah

Isaiah Rider is a child from Kansas City who is being held in Luries Children's Hospital in Chicago against his mother's wishes.  Like the Justina Pelletier story, in this case, the mom asked for a medical opinion and the hospital decided it was going to run the show instead of her.   Foster children like Isaiah are being used for medical experiments without their family's consent.  The following is copy/pasted from the Team Isaiah facebook page and is used with permission.  This story needs to get much more coverage:

Medical experiments conducted on vulnerable people, people who are unable to give consent or people who have been misled, are always wrong. It is also wrong when there is reason to believe that the person undergoing the experiment faces serious risks as a result. If you put the two together you have something we used to call a crime. In fact, we prosecuted the Nazis for this behavior.

But it turns out that we have been using children in foster car…

Chess Camp!

New Hairdo Happening... Soon.

I've been after Emperor for a WHILE about letting me cut his hair.  He'll twist it so that it looks all burnt up and tangled after a time.  Finally, when I mentioned haircuts today?  He said he'd be willing to get one soon.  And the reason is... he got his finger caught in the twists, so... he just cut it out.  Right next to the scalp. 

Sure hope he likes the buzz cut look because we're not stylin' it like Friar Tuck.

Ghost Selfie!

A  Romanian woman swears her grandmother took a selfie from hell.  Or something. 

I don't know how she got a hold of an iPhone, but apparently if you don't give tons of money to the church on behalf of the dead each year?  They are in biiiiig trouble and can't make it to heaven.

Grandma had to have a snake wrapped around her neck in the afterworld. I have to say, although she just looked like a normal kerchief-wearing old lady in real life, she rocks the selfie look now that she's dead.  I guess she was "punished" by being forced to look like a heavy death metal rock star waif, which actually is a pretty kewl look if you ask me.  I mean compared to the kerchief and wrinkles thing.

Anyway.  Somehow the grand-daughter got this picture on her telephone while she was cooking doughnuts, which is spiritually significant.  Fortune-tellers and pastors in that local area say you need to bring doughnuts to the cemetary every day for a while so your loved ones can go to…

Little Free Library!

My friend painted this Little Free Library box in Vigo County, Indiana.  It will travel with the United Way's Mobile Market, providing low-cost fruits and vegetables to residents at each stop.  Little Free Libraries are a great idea... you take a book and leave a book.

How Can a Black Person Be a Republican?

I mean, it's impossible, right?  She must hate her own kind.  She must be secretly white.  She must deserve the racist vandalism... she is a sell-out, she's the GOP token black sheep pimping out their anti-LGBTQRSZXW and racist agenda, and so on.  I had no idea that political parties are chosen for each of us at birth based on our race, religion, and socioeconomic status.  Thankfully, random commenters on the internetz have clued me in. 

I know zero about this lady, but think as little about her detractors as I did about the ones who didn't vote for Obama ONLY because of his race. I also love the comments about how our "floppy eared potus and his ghetto wife have embarrassed this country." 

Ahhh... politics in 2014.  I'm so glad we're discussing the issues like mature adults.

Muffin Tin Madness!