07 December 2007

Diet Pepsi And Me: Photo By D!

I can play with other toys, but I simply MUST have my Diet Pepsi bottle nearby so I can hit things with it.


  1. I still see that I do not get credit for these pictures ... when will the injustice stop!

    -- D

  2. Yes, yes, yes. If you can't have coffee you've got to have a diet cola. Start 'em early. How much snow did you get? We were hoping for more and are disappointed by what we got, mostly ice. Check out my blog for pics. Have a warm day.

  3. There you go, D. Credit given!!

    I'm guessing we got round 4 inches or so but we're due for more this afternoon, is what I hear. Patrick is bummed that he has to go to school. Received a call from him this morning that he must stay late. He KNOWS if it's snowing, etc. I do NOT drive and he has to walk the two miles home. In the snow. Poor guy.


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