06 December 2007

Yawn... Not Surprised


Mom is NOT happy that her daughter receives ADVERTISING from the public school. Wowwww. This mom is so disconnected as to be laughable. The children are a captive audience and we all know it. What do you think all those stupid assemblies are for during the school year?

In our district, they take half a day at every school to show all the KEWL TOYS you could get, kids, if you sell enough crap - I mean, "premium" products - during the fundraiser weeks. Oh, yeah, and the biggest seller gets a limo ride to the local pizza shop. Brought to you by CiCi's Pizza!!

So, not only do they waste half a day on the promotion at the expense of school time, but they are ACTIVELY advertising to the children. The PTA, which is made up of almost all the parents who actually show up to conferences and give a rip about their kids' education at the school, is the one that organizes the event. Thus, the rest of the parents are outvoted. Because the PTA is *your* organization, folks, and if you don't like how they run things... well, you can join up yourself and make change within.

Which I'm NOT going to do because the PTA national is in support of gay rights and blah blah blah. I really wanna homeschool all the children when I think about stuff like this.


  1. I remember those! Another great reason to homeschool - you don't have to push all the junk on your friends to buy...I'm sure that any other activities she's in may do that though...

  2. Every year someone complains about the pep rallies etc. but they counter that if they don't have them their sales go WAY down!! Oh, no, we can't have that!!

    I'm sitting here calculating the cost of every staff member during that time, the heating and other costs... not to mention the cost to the child's education with these distractions. Surely all that costs more than a few thousand that the PTA rakes in?? But the schools play along anyway. I guess they figure, what's a little time here and there?

    I'm beyond the feeling guilty for not buying stuff phase though. I send the sheets back the next day empty unless there's something I actually happen to want inside (rare). I don't pester everyone to buy stuff b/c I don't have the money to buy theirs, yk?


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