15 December 2007

Yay For Patrick!

Eighth place this time, but mostly against high schoolers. We were looking outside at the snow this morning and wondering if he'd make it to the chess tournament at all. Not as many "interesting" stories this time about the tournament; last time a sore loser stuffed chess pieces into his mouth and had a tantrum, but this time, I guess everyone was pretty well-behaved.


  1. Way cool. I have never played chess. He must be good. I would love for the kids to do those spelling bees. Is the chess through a homeschool group or is he in school?

  2. He is in the advanced program at public school - 8th grade. G is in special ed because of his autism. Honestly, I would like them home but they would both be VERY difficult to teach (for different reasons) just jumping into it. It's been a real issue of my prayers because of some of the reasons you were talking about before.

    Right now, D says no way and I understand his reasoning. I wish things were different though.


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