22 January 2008

Apple Pie

Today we made apple pie for our Tea on Tuesday home ec time. We discovered there really ISN'T enough dough in the mix to make a top and bottom crust as directed, so we improvised a sort of half-basketweave thing. The boys each read a bit while the pie cooked and I read the Little House book while the boys were eating lunch (and pie!!). Baby J was kept reasonably happy with drinks and potato chips. Lunch for him was squash.


  1. mmmmmm you cant beat a home made apple pie!

  2. Well, the apple filling is from a can and the crust mixed and rolled from a box. So halfway home-made LOL! Still pretty good though! It's mostly about getting a little kitchen time in for the boys... something besides academics all the time. They wanted to do PE so badly today, but I told them sorry, it's six degrees out and no way!

  3. Any pie is good pie. I might now have to send Bear to the store to go get me an apple pie. :)

  4. Looks yummy! I've always thought Little House goes perfectly with apple pie. :)

  5. I want some of that pie! mmmmm
    psst we ended up doing nothing for tea, dad was home and I wasn't feeling well so it was a lazy day.
    I am looking forward to warmer weather here, this cold just stinks. We are around 3 degrees here today.


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