08 January 2008

I Don't Like How You Raise Your Son. Battering Ram Time!


A neighbour and some nosy social workers get together with a court, and before you know it, they're battering down the front door of a law-abiding citizen and stealing his son. Found this item on Alasandra's blog (http://alasandra2003.blogspot.com/).

They were "concerned" that the child wasn't getting proper medical care after a fall, despite the fact that the father was a paramedic in Vietnam. Now, if it's YOUR kid, go ahead and make your own mistakes with him, medical and otherwise. That's what parenthood is about. I mean, once I let Patrick eat allll the popcorn he wanted at the movies. I learned from that, you know. Or the time I told my older boys that they could stay up as LATE as they wanted playing video games when they had a friend overnight, so long as they were quiet. Well, they were still quiet that morning when I came downstairs...

What happens when we make decisions for others in their parenting and lifestyle choices?? I mean, I'm kinda concerned that *you* aren't spending your money wisely... too bad I can't get a court order to take it from you. Oh, and I don't like how your kid plays with Barbies because it's too objectifying to women. (Plus, Barbie has pretty low morals, what with her boob job and cosmetic surgery, and skimpy clothing!) I think I should complain to the court about your child's mistreatment and they can take her away. Your child, that is. You can keep the Barbie in a plain brown wrapper, please.

I'm sorry, but this is too scary. I hope at least the state paid for the doctor bills for the examination they forced on the child, for the door they destroyed, and for therapy for the boy over the next five years after being ripped from his family so cruelly.


  1. I don't know what your problem with social workers is. If this was approved by a court you know that they had to have good reason to do what they did. This story is probably not the whole story, you know.

  2. Did you read how the story turned out? The kid was *fine.* I wonder how many of our tax dollars went toward the hours the judge, social workers, paramedics, etc. worked on this "big case." Not to mention probably this family is saddled with the cost of the door and the medical bills.

    In another version of this same story, it was revealed that the family lives in a trailer park with SIX KIDS. How much spare money do you think they have?

    I think that child abuse is a crime. REAL CHILD ABUSE. But you had better have some concrete evidence before issuing a warrant or searching a house IMO. It should be prosecuted just like any other crime under due process.


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