04 January 2008

Why I Keep My Child in a "Cage."

I can tell you from personal experience that just BRUSHING your skin close to this stove will sear you like a raw chicken on a hot skillet. It even makes that "sizzle" sound. I have purchased this special-order gate stystem that has been specifically designed to go around hot stoves, so it doesn't melt or warp like plastic. It does, however, give that "cage" sort of look when used near small children. Do you know what, though? I'd rather put my child in a "cage" that takes up half the giant family room, and know he's safe, than let him run around and explore the world *his* way. I love this baby. Some "anonymous" just posted about how mean I am that I would put my son in a "cage" and that I'm just the sort that would go for leashes on little kids, too. Since it's my blog I don't have to publish those comments, but I will say that sometimes when we make out-and-out declaratory statements, we aren't really looking at the big picture. See the big picture of my son and that stove? I think using the "cage" system is actually child abuse PREVENTED. It is not a punishment; it's a PROTECTION. When he is older and figures out how to unlatch the gate by himself and gets some common sense around the tv, candles, the treadmill and stairs, I will wrap the gate around *just* the stove and it will become only a REMINDER not to get too close.


  1. We actually just had last week on the news a 4 year old boy was crushed to death by the TV falling on him while trying to put a tape in it. See this is why we protect our kids with gates. I could not even imagine your sweetie falling and getting burned, way to be smart with the gate.

  2. I love the gate. I'm the gate queen. I have an 11 almost 12 year old and still have latches on the chemicals. Really it's becuase I have babies visiting, but it doesn't hurt to hear the sound of the latch going and wonder who and why they are getting into things. I also love leashes. MacKenzie had one and it was great. Who ever wrote that comment hasn't had kids. They're in for a rude awakening when they get a strong willed child. Blessings,

  3. Ha, I am reminded of my own stupid self about twenty years ago. I used to look with such disgust at women who had their little kids on leashes. And then I got my own little kid, and she discovered her ability to run, and I was buying a leash myself! I'd rather get nasty looks than have my baby hurt.

    Anyway, so I bought it and very gently strapped it around her wrist - and you know what she does? In the middle of the store, flings herself on the ground and starts screaming as if I am trying to drag her like some naughty dog. Just as two old ladies walk past. Oh my, the looks I got! Hee hee.

    (The leash lasted about a week, by the way.)


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