03 February 2008

Thanks, MOM!

My mom made the hat and booties and sent 'em express mail. I got them while we were in the hospital. She also made hats in two sizes for baby J in blue when he was first born. I got a lot of compliments on the handmade stuff. I remember my mom made "booties" for Patrick when we were expecting him. They were... well... about a foot long when they were done and never really worked out (sorry, Mom!). But these little pink wonders are the ONLY thing we can find that stay on her thin little feet. We have the tiny infant socks, but her feet are LONG and very thin. The booties hold the socks in place nicely. Only drawback: Dad isn't sure how to put them back on after diaper changes. Poor dad also still has trouble lining up all those snaps and prefers the "baby in a bag" outfits.

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  1. Belated congratulations on the new family member. She is very cute. Speaking as an experienced dad, I'm glad my kids' diaper days are long gone.


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