11 March 2008

All Things English/Tea on Tuesday

As the Stanleys are en route to the United Kingdom, I thought we'd learn a little bit about English culture. We're going to try some marmelade and some English muffins while we read about Paddington and his adventures. We're also going to look at some books about England, and hopefully Emperor will learn where it's located. We'll look at some of the landmarks in the books as well. No telling where the Stanleys might show up and we want to be prepared! I'm guessing they've probably gotten about as far as New York by tomorrow. Maybe they will board a plane Tuesday or Wednesday and reach Casdok early next week. I mailed them Friday morning from "somewhere near Kansas City," and I'm guessing they'll reach her next Monday. Post a guess and we'll see who's closest!


  1. A lovely collections of things there!
    OK if you guess monday, i will say tuesday!
    Paddington does like his marmalade, hope you do!

  2. Result:

    My children would be very thin Englishmen indeed, if this were all they could eat. They hate tea. They decided that the second bite of marmelade was much worse than the first, and do they have to eat it? And do English people really like this stuff?

    I think it's nowhere near as bad as the "vegemite" I tried when I lived in Australia. Yuck.

  3. I am just not with the Tea On Tuesday stuff lately....I will have to do it next week now. At least you are keeping it going ....hehe....Thanks

  4. Are you kidding? No way my kids would let me quit! It's the highlight of their week!


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