23 March 2008

Around and About London

It was freezing today and snowing, so we kept warm by doing a lot of walking! We started out at the Thames and saw the London Eye. Miss Casdok tells us she has been on this a few times but as yet have not been brave enough to take C on it!http://www.londoneye.com/ExploreTheLondonEye/ We then walked past Big Ben and The Houses of Parliament, which Guy Falkes didn't manage to blow up!


  1. My son Matt and I have been following your flat stanleys.His class just had there welcome home flat stanley party last week.His didnt make it home.But they are with my good friend in Nevada.They must of really liked it there.They are on an extended holiday lol.Matt really loves the pictures of your flat stanleys and the sites!

  2. Oh, poor Matt! I hope he's ok with it. I made some xeroxes so my boys wouldn't get too flipped out if something happened to the originals. I figure, international travel plus life's little accidents make for a perilous journey LOL!

    That's part of the reason I'm telling my online friends I'd like to send xeroxes. And xeroxes don't have to be returned, etc.

    Isn't Casdok doing an AWESOME job with the Stanleys? I couldn't ask for a better vacation myself! I really wish I could have slipped in the mail bag as well...


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