07 March 2008

Do You Want Fries With That?

Imagine yourself living in a strange communist country. You can eat at a restaurant for three meals every day, but it must always be the same restaurant and the same waiter will help you at each meal. The service is so-so and the place is clean. You know that if you request that the government change your regular restaurant, that you could very well be in for *much worse.* So you're pretty happy where you are, all things considered.

The waiter, however, has an obsession with french fries. Do you want fries with your milkshake today? Oh... the salad is quite delicious with fries! And did you know we have several different kinds of fries?

But you hate fries. Fries for you are just ... wrong.

At this restaurant, if you don't get the fries, sometimes extra bacon magically appears on your plate. You like bacon, but people sneer at you if you eat too much of it. (I told you it was a strange country!)

You notice that everyone at the tables surrounding yours is enjoying fries. You start to feel a little strange for not ordering the fries. The waiter suggests that you have your ice cream with some fries for dessert.

You do NOT WANT THE FRIES, you tell the waiter for the 500th time.

Ah, but if you don't order the fries, you might get BACON. And you might get bacon with your ice cream! The people at the other tables start to stare and murmur about how you already have enough bacon, and what is WRONG with people like that, not ordering the fries??

Well, that's fine, says the waiter, but I need you to look at these pamphlets about fries as a bacon-preventive. Even if you don't like fries, you should get them because you already have a LOT of bacon.

Can you see my analogy yet?? Yeah, I had the six-week checkup today and was asked yet stupid-well again about birth control. And what are you using for it? And did you know that if you don't use birth control you might get pregnant again?

I HAVE SIX CHILDREN, I wanted to tell her. Do you honestly think I'm going to keel over in shock about "what causes that?" You people.


  1. that's too funny! I was asked that stoooooopid question too after having 5... then 6... ha ha... I went on to have no's 7 & 8 WITHOUT even getting pregnant! So much for birth control! Some people just don't seem to realise that we CHOSE to have 6 children...ON PURPOSE! Ok, I didn't exactly want 8, but I'm happy! (most of the time!)

  2. Sorry i had to laugh!! Great analogy!

  3. Oh, I SO SO understand that...and yes, it iritates me no end.

  4. I hate it too! Especially say things like that like we stupid idiots that are the drain on society these days and of course being lower to middle class makes us not capable of making informed and wise decisions on our very own.
    OK sounds this harsh but that kinda stuff really gets me.
    My SIL is pregnant with a baby that has a cleft palette and lip. The doctor suggested that they take some time to think about whether they wanted to terminate the pregnancy. WHAT!!!
    OK I am done. ARGHHHHH!!!

  5. You may try making a big scene at the doctors about the whole birth control thing so he'll make some notes in your file, like a huge warning note stating NOT to ask about it...

  6. Why don't you just tell them next time that you've both CHOSEN to have a large family, and that you can also afford it AND manage to spend time with your kids, in addition to home-schooling them! Add that in fact, you're trying to get pregnant again right now. Tell them you and your husband have planned for a family of eight or ten children. That should shut them up! But they might be left standing there with their mouths open......

  7. True! BUT... I feel like birth control should not be the "standard" of medical care. What on earth is medically wrong with pregnancy?? Why do these doctors feel they have the right to bully people into having birth control? You know, just having a doctor ask is a form of coercion in my opinion. Having doctors feel it's standard practice to ask at every appointment is ridiculous.

  8. Reading this today has OFFICIALLY made you my very favorite blogger. OH LOLOL!!!!!


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