07 March 2008

Flat Stanley is Packing...

For a trip to the United Kingdom to visit Casdok! She wanted to know what the boys wanted the Stanleys to do while they were there. Emperor would like the Stanleys to go fox-hunting, but I told him that probably wasn't happening. Think about England and other things that are there.

Ah! He could meet Mr. Bean! Yes, I told him that the Stanleys would meet the Queen, too, while they were at it. (I'm so mean, pulling the kid's leg like that.)

They have a Queen? What about a King? What happened to the King??

Well, Stanley's not meeting Mr. Bean or the Queen, either. There are probably other folks they can meet, though. Elf suggested that all the people in Casdok's family should meet Stanley. I told him about C and that probably Stanley and C would meet each other. I told Elf that C was autistic, but even more than him and didn't speak at all. And he flaps his whole body instead of just his hands like you do.

Speaking, he said, is not important. The thing that is important is your character.

Elf has decided that board games would be a good choice for C and the Stanleys. You don't have to talk to do those, and they're a lot of fun. Stanleys are also hoping to see London. We've written our letters to Casdok with these requests, and we're going to send Stanley packing soon. Casdok will probably get a kick out of being called "Miss Casdok" in the Southern style that is prevalent here. Even very old married ladies are called "Miss (name)" as a token of respect. (If you've heard the movie title, "Driving Miss Daisy," you know what I mean.)


  1. Miss Casdok!!!
    What a very intuitive thing for Elf to say about speaking, and he is absolutly right!

    Even i have never seen a fox hunt! But C and i have been to the Queens house, she hasnt let us in yet though! There is so much to see in London im sure we can keep the Stanleys entertained.

    The spare bedroom is ready and waiting!! I am very excited about my US visitors! :)

  2. I am sure that the Stanleys will have so much fun. They will have to visit us soon after they return from Miss Casdok. We would love to have them stay here for a bit. We will be watching for all their fun experiances.

  3. Wow, this is great!! Stanley's getting quite the social calendar!!

    Casdok, I'll bet the Stanleys will have a lot of fun. I'm pretty sure Elf and Emperor have no idea what England is really like. Emperor was surprised when I showed him it's an ISLAND. He kinda had the impression somehow that England ruled all of Europe (??) and I told him that yeah, they like to think that, but here's the map! LOL

  4. Lol!! Trouble is i think a lot of Brits think we do!


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