20 March 2008

Getting Out Some Energy

Miss Casdok is wise. She knows we're going to be sitting on the train all day from Surrey to where C goes to school, and she tells us to run and play now so we'll be nice and tired later. What a strange playground! All the playgrounds we've ever seen have woodchips beneath it. The grass is beautiful, but Miss Casdok reminded one of us (I won't say who, but his name is Stanley) not to get our jeans grass-stained because she's not sure how to wash them. We did lots of running, jumping and playing and now we're ready for our next adventure. We've never been on a train before!


  1. It is so neat that she is taking them to all these cool places.
    Does she do the narration with the pictures or do you do it?
    Very cute!

    If they want to visit Oklahoma just let me know. I could try to take them down to the bombing memorial. I haven't ever taken my kids down there either. They would enjoy an excuse to go see it.

  2. Oh, thanks!! She tells me where they went and what they did, and I make up things like calling home or the grass stain story. I get an email from her with a photo and then I play around with it and load it onto the blog.

    Would you take a colour xerox of Stanley, since the originals are in Britain? I have seen both and unless you scrape your nail on the crayoned part you really can't tell the difference. These new copiers are amazing! Or... you could wait until Stanley is back from Britain and has visited his next place as we've promised him to Lori next LOL!

    I think when we're done we'll have studied lots of places and met real people we never could have imagined before!!

  3. we don't mind waiting in line if that is what you want. But a trip to the musuem would be great to end our year. We are also planning a camping trip in April or they could come to vegas with me.
    just let me know.

  4. C used to eat the woodchip!!

  5. Oh, no!! Emperor used to eat furniture. I'll have to post a pic of one of the pieces we still have LOL!


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