11 March 2008

How Many Calories Do You Figure Are in That??

We saw some Rice Krispie Easter Eggs covered in chocolate at the grocery store for over $4 each! We made two entire trayfuls for about $7. The kitchen, however, is a hugely sticky mess right now. I got lazy and am now calling the process of procrastination "soaking the dishes."


  1. OOOO I am 'drooling'... how mean to post that picture! LOL

  2. sheesh....looks mighty tasty!!! Esspecially now that I am staying AWAY form sweets for an entire week!

  3. Is it milk chocolate? I would estimate between 500 and 1000 cals each. I think I need to go buy one for $4 at the store.

  4. Total ingredients:

    12 tbs. butter
    2 large bags marshmallows
    1 box Rice Krispies cereal
    1 package chocolate Almond bark
    1 bag chocolate chips.

    Shudder to think what "total calories" would be LOL!


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