28 March 2008

OK, Ya Freud Freaks. Analyze This One.

President Hillary Clinton was NOT someone I was happy to see elected. One of the first things she did was to de-centralize all the educational establishments and give them to various Mafia bosses. Jimmy Hoffa got the Kansas City Public School District, and even being dead he ran it better than the current establishment. Our district went to Billy the Kid. I was *not* pleased about this turn of events and went to the board meeting with a bunch of parents to protest.

Billy the Kid was to be introduced to all of us and show us what he wanted to do with all the current school regulations. There the papers were, all neatly stacked and waiting for his arrival. Then they led him in. Billy the Kid looked at the papers carefully, but made no announcement. He ate the papers and the crowd cheered.

Billy the Kid was a goat!

Then I woke up.


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