14 March 2008

Patrick Posing.

This child has been commanded to stop growing. I am NOT buying him anything new until summertime. But next winter, he'll need a whole new wardrobe. He's taller than me now. That isn't right. D also had to demonstrate to him "how to shave peach fuzz" recently. Patrick does not like the process.


  1. Ohhh you can just see he's a wonderful young man! My Cody didn't like to shave but it was necessary. So when it came time, I bought him an electric razor, made it quick and painless for him. And it's all about how quickly he can do these things. Maybe you can try that? They're relatively inexpensive at one of the Marts! Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Great pose!!! They do grow so fast dont they!!
    Yep shaving is a tricky one!!

  3. hahaha! Patrick looks sooooo funny!!! :P


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