13 March 2008

Waaah... Waaah.

Was D just testing the camera? Was he trying to bewilder J and capture the moment? Let me assure you that this isn't usually how we talk to J. Usually we try to make sense. Still, he is nearly 16 months old and does not speak at all. We're worried about him. He can sign "please," however. Does he want DRINK? "Please please please," he signs. Want MORE? "Please." Or he'll look at something, scream and sign, "please." He will dance and sign "please." I suppose "please" substitutes for give, want, mine, more, "look at me," and assorted other words I just am not smart enough to figure out yet. J must take the minimalist approach to language.

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  1. We have so many cute ones ... and you use that one!

    -- Dad


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