09 April 2008

Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial

1. This is the first wall that you go through. It says 9:01 on the other side. On the south side of the wall is some of the original building. Part of the inscription says " We come here to remember" and I will never forget where I was or what I was doing when it happened. The Stanleys were very quiet and respectful as we toured the memorial grounds.

2. This is part of the original building. The foundation runs South about 200 feet and then West down the block and that is all that is left of the building. They did salvage some of the granite from the building that is now part of the walkways on the grounds.

3. This is the chairs that represent each person that died in the bombing. They are arranged in 9 rows to represent the floors that the people were on. The large chairs are for the adults and the small chairs are for the children. Each chair has a person's name on it. At night the bottom of the chairs light up.


  1. One thing I'm struck by is that the people of Oklahoma City wanted to set this apart as hallowed ground, if you will, to remember the people who died AND how their lives were changed forever as a city.

    They didn't do that in New York.

  2. Well it is nice to have this little nice spot in the middle of downtown (grant you it isn't as busy as some towns) but it gives you a place to set and rest and this is going to sound terrible I know but what else is Oklahoma going to be remembered for besides cowboys and indians.


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