08 April 2008

7. S and Mrs. Zimms in front of the American flag that is hanging on the gate. There is also a British flag hanging on the gate. The Stanleys just aren't meant to hold up in the wind. They just about took an unexpected trip.

8. Here are the kids in front of the building that was next to the Murrah Building. It is now the Bombing Museum and The Journal Record. This building sustained a lot of damage in the bombing and people in this building were also injured. Some very seriously. The wall they are standing in front of is made up of tiles that are created by children. On the other side are hand prints and names of children from all over the world. In front of them are big granite blocks that they can write on and leave special messages.

9. The message left on the wall by the firefighter team number 5. They left it the same day as the bombing. Several messages were left like that on various parts of the building as they went through it and looked for survivors. Most of it was lost when the building was razed. This is on the Journal record building.

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  1. Oh man, all those pics about the bombing just make me want to cry! It's just so sad!


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