05 April 2008

Autism "Spectrum"

Note to fellow shoppers: You usually cannot diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorders based on what you see my children doing at the local Wal-Mart. Quit it, or get a medical degree and charge me the $25 copay like everybody else.


  1. Hey, I thought they all got adiagnosis at Walmart!

    When my Junior was two, he and I were at Walmart and we saw one (Ihave 8 older sisters)of my sisters. She informed me, as Junior sat in the cart, that they had all gotten together to talk about Junior. They decided "something was wrong" more than likely autism.

    Well, imagine how I felt getting that slapped on me in the middle of Walmart.

    So you see....you really can get a diagnosis at Walmart...although I do not recommend it.

  2. EXACTLY!!!! I couldn't of said it better myself. This drives me NUTS. Still, my family even does it although they spend no time with my son. My son is high funtioning Autism. Man, oh, man the dumb comments I get....


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