06 April 2008

Getting SOMETHING for Dinner

I think we all have our areas of weakness, and this is one of mine. The other ladies whose blogs you visit, where menus are planned well in advance and budgets are tightly met, ARE NOT my blogs. You can rest assured that when you encounter these blogs, it is not me blogging my alter ego's heart out and sharing deep secrets.

I told you I'd be real with ya. Today's dinner is either going to be made by D (tacos!), or I am going to microwave frozen pretzels and throw some fresh strawberries on the side and call it healthy eating since I've served milk with them. There *would* have been chocolate for dessert, but it's all been eaten. Sorry.

See the little bunny on the bottom shelf? I saw it in one of those overpriced childrens' boutique stores and thought it was cute. It's a "boo-boo bunny" with a reusable plastic ice cube inside. I paid a lot for it and figured I knew I was getting ripped off... but... it's actually been used a LOT and has been well worth it.

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