21 April 2008

:] More Friends Are Always Good.

I've been tagged by the CajunChick (http://thesimplecajunlife.blogspot.com) to do a little meme. Usually I don't mind these but I don't tag anyone else. I know that if I do, the person I tag is going to be very upset and that will be *just* the week she has 253 other things to do and will be mad at me. SO if you wanna do this meme, go ahead and tag yourself with my blessing. If you leave a comment telling me you're doing this, I'll come mosey over and look at your post.


I'm supposed to tell you three RANDOM things about myself. Random?? Things. Um...

1. It really bothers me when my front room or my kitchen is messy. I can handle messes almost anywhere else, but those two rooms have to be clean. I imagine my neighbours or the police or friends like to ring the bell at 6 p.m. or on the weekends... those are the times my house is untidy... and the secret of us'ns being white trash will be revealed to all. I just know that that is *all* anyone else thinks about or wants to discuss in their daily conversation. Mrs. C's front room. Did you know I saw not one, but TWO PAIRS of shoes out of place yesterday? And that there was unsorted mail on that front table?? Oh, my, you don't say...

BUT... if my front room is clean and I have my candle burning to mask the "Eau de PooPoo Diaper" smell that sometimes happens 'round these parts, the visitor will see the clean room, smell cherries in the air and blissfully depart. RIGHT???!!

2. I am so obese that there isn't even a category for it. The BMI chart just says things can't get much worse. I am ON the chart though. Have you noticed there are no pictures on the blog of me from the shoulders down? Good reason for that. Maybe when I lose 50 more pounds and am only in the "overweight" category I may appear on the blog in person.

3. I have been a Christian for almost 13 years.

4. None of these things are very random, though.


  1. I am going to do this, but first I need to finsih posting pictures of the trip so if you only want to see the meme come by in about 3 days otherwise drop by this afternoon somtime and see some more of the trip.

    BTW one of the employees of the m&m store in las vega was doing flat stanley for a friend. She said she tok some great pcitures and I thought that was funny to see some on the trip. OH the memories ;0)

  2. haha. This was very funny.

    I am just like you. I don't care if the rest of the house is dirty as long as my living room and kitchen are pretty much clean. If it's ultra clean. I step back, sip some coffee... and take a picture. haha. It's pretty tough trying to keep every room clean. I would have to pretty much neglect my kids and just clean in all my waking hours just to keep every room clean.

  3. Okay, I went on my blog and did the the 3 random things. It really made me think about things. I like having a reason to ponder things at times. :)

    Oh, haha. I know what you are talking about with the diaper smell in house. Um... I ordered a Vanilla Sugar candle from Gold Canyon candles to help my house smell better when people come over. Having babies in diapers can ripen things. One time, when I had 3 kids in diapers at the same time, someone told me my house smelled like Vanilla and poop. Niiiiiiice....


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