29 April 2008

Scary Photos!

G took apart his little "eyeball" necklace for comic effect. The other boys insist that they are scary as well. Please try not to get too terrified, because they really DO want you to read my blog and see their pictures.


  1. That eyeball is freaky! Looks like the boys are haivng fun!

  2. Weird, I just got an email saying my comment was rejected? Yet it is there I see! Funny.

  3. EEEEEEEEEEK!!!!! They are very very scary.........

    But I am brave.. So I will come back and read your blog and look at their photos again..

    hehehe cheers kim..

  4. You can tell them I have read you r blog and saw thses pictures!!!
    WOW gross eyeball LOL. It is all too scary!

  5. hehe. Monkey just came up behind me and said, "COOL, can I play with them?"

  6. That first picture is seriously scary.

    Job well done, G.


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