06 April 2008

Waking Up

If you are a child, you get your choice of one full cup of cereal and some milk for breakfast. There are rare exceptions not because I can't afford the food, but because some of us get a bit argumentative in the morning and I have to set the same limit every day or else. (I still get fought on this one more often than not, regardless.) Another reason is that we must get Patrick out the door by 6:45, and G leaves at about 7:10. By the time Patrick tumbles up the stairs at 5:45, I've eaten my breakfast (hopefully! depending on little kids!) and am spending a short break by the computer. Often I'll have a load of wash in, some tidying done (dishes in the washer, table wiped and floor swept) and prayers said all by 7 a.m. when homeschooling usually begins. Today, I have also undertaken cleaning the oven and trying to decipher the ongoing Sam's Club list. Some little girl wanted to be fed. I fed her by the computer and checked my mail.

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