26 April 2008

Yardwork... "Before."

Today's task outside was too monumental to be accomplished in one day. In fact, I don't really hope to accomplish it. We have a large "rock garden" occupying our hill. I pull weeds I don't like and leave the ones I enjoy. Occasionally I will buy a plant and hope it lives in the rock garden. Usually it does not. I have tried to plant pumpkins in the rock garden. They do not grow. Corn also does not grow. Some vines grow. Dandelions and trees grow. Grasses grow here, but not in other areas of the yard we would LIKE for the grasses to grow. We have planted flowers and they grow, but only if you keep the weeds in check. Patrick and G both each earned $5 for their work in the yard today with me. We pulled weeds, raked leaves and cut small trees as close to the roots as we could. Naturally the rock garden is in worse shape than usual because I have just had two children very close together and have been unable to give it the attention it needs. Thankfully, we do not live in a subdivision with picky gardening rules, and can pretty much do as we please.

Patrick pulling weeds.
G was a little cold this morning before he got into the task for a bit.

We needed to move this bunch of concrete blocks out of the way before D could mow. For some reason, the previous owners left quite a few of these behind. Most of them are broken and not very pretty.

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