28 April 2008

Yay for Meee...

I can now proudly state that I am *only* 50 pounds over the "really really really about to die from being so fat" category on the BMI chart. I have lost weight to the point that I am now at my pre-pregnancy weight from baby S. So I have lost 27 pounds in three months. I was kinda hoping all 98 pounds would be gone by now, but I knew that was unrealistic. I hoped it anyway.

Hoping doesn't make my bottom any smaller, though. You would think that having lots of little kids would somehow burn it right off of you but unfortunately the opposite is true, and it's almost impossible to get more than two steps in on the treadmill without at least one baby crying or a homeschooler trying to wave a workbook in front of you.

I am trying to encourage myself with the idea that I will be down to the "moderately disgustingly obese" category in two years.


  1. Wow, havn't you done so well losing that much so quickly! Well done chick.

  2. Mrs C did I just stumble on a sneak peek of this weeks weightloss for you? I have you dpwn as having lost less then that. Congrats!

  3. Are you breast feeding? I heard about all the calories it burns so I'm happy about that.

    Don't lose heart. What you eat is super important...I personally think exercise is not nearly as important as they say for weight loss. Exercise makes you hungrier too.

  4. Thanks Chris!! Don't forget 9 pounds of that was baby, though.

    Mrs. D, that's my total. I left a comment in your weight loss blog today a day early.

    Catherine, I'm not breast feeding for a couple reasons. One is that I get a lot of lumps that are very painful, but the bigger reason really is that Patrick is nearly 15 and I'm not good at being "discreet." I'm just not. And whipping out my boob in front of his teenage friends makes *me* uncomfortable.

    I do understand that that is MY problem, though. Jesus talked about breastfeeding moms and no record of blushing about it is in the Bible.

  5. Yeah for you! I am definitely bigger after five than I ever was after one. OH well!


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