30 May 2008

Elf Update

Lookit the hair. This is the trademark Elf. He HATES getting his hair wet and combed. I can assure you it looks even more interesting from the back. Our camera is bust-o for the time being, so we're making do with a picture about a month or so old. Elf is doing very well despite not having had any asthma medications for some time. He enjoys playing outdoors and racing home from church. Usually he will lose his shoes on the way. They just fall off his feet and I pick them up as I come to them. He is a voracious reader but tends to read everything very literally.


  1. Hee hee, Griffin is always taking his shoes off too... I ALWAYS have to remind him to find them before we leave school each afternoon. Elf looks like a full on boy! Busy as I'm sure. I have just updated my blog with a few pictures for the boys...

  2. That is just the best photo...

    cheers kim :)

  3. Cute kid. You guys live walking distance from church?

  4. Yes, it worked out that way. When we first started attending they were across town and then bought a nearby church building.


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