22 May 2008

Emperor has been so cute lately. He's learning to express himself more every day with the written word. Today as I was eating lunch, Emperor went to his desk to write this to surprize me:

Emperor's street address
Emperor's city, state zip
May 22, 2008

Dear momy:

You make me smile when i'm near you. I love you. I love heaning (hanging) around with you. How much do you think I love you? well more than you can think. By by.


Emperor finished his artwork for school. He was supposed to make a little book of monster drawings, using a new "how to draw" type book we got for ideas. He had several little monsters, one on each page. I told him I really need some background on each monster so I know a little about where each one comes from. I was expecting some trees or grass behind each monster. Instead, I got a character synopsis of each monster. This is Ted, and he's from Chicago, he'd tell me.

(Ted? Chicago? Wouldn't you expect a proper monster to be named Ggrrung and be from Zugul or something? And I meant picture background, not the other kind... Oh, well.)

Incidentally, there are other monsters from Nebraska and Ohio, two from China, and two from "Mordor."


  1. hahaha! Background! That's fantastic!!!

  2. I think Emperor has won my heart. That is just the cutest thing ever.

  3. What a precious boy. Did you have a little cry when he gave you his letter?

    I love his literal translation of what you requested. That's something MY kid would do, only in her case it would be a wicked attempt at being a smarty-pants!


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