02 May 2008

How Many Hits Would it Take to Get Him FIRED?


Man hits porn sites over 780,000 times at work. And you thought men couldn't multitask! Another myth for the dustbin. Now he's been demoted, because 780,000 hits to porn websites does NOT justify firing, you know. (You need at least two billion for *that!*) I'd like to think if I were paying the taxes that support this fellow's job that he would be FIRED and his NAME would appear in print. I'd also want to know what city he lives in and what his wife thinks about all this. Quotes from the story:

Despite his frequent porn viewing, none of his colleagues noticed his activities, which he apparently conducted throughout the workday. "Each desk is set apart from each other," Waki said, adding that the man logged 170,000 hits on porn sites in July alone. Another argument against the "cubicle." He had more than too much time on his hands. (iw)

The man's supervisors discovered his extensive porn site visits after his computer became infected with a virus, prompting officials to examine his Web browser's history. Yup, sin is pleasurable for a season. Or at least until you get a sexually-transmitted virus on your computer.


  1. Okay,

    Assuming a 40 hour work week, in the month of July, this man would have been at work for 160 hours. That means 1062 porn sites an hour. I don't believe my computer can load pages that quickly. Particularly pages loaded with photos.

    I find it hard to believe that he got any work done at all during that month. How in the world does a full time employee do nothing all month and no one notices?

    Wait ~ a government employee...

  2. His computer got a virus.. How apt!


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