26 May 2008

Noah's Ark Wooden Set

This Noah's Ark set was a gift when Patrick and G were little. It's been through a lot and some of the pieces were pitched after they were broken. It used to have a cover and an ark-top with windows. But it's a nice set and while it looks like the children have been overly rough with it, bear in mind that it has never seen a day of storage between children. That's about 12 straight years of play. Ready for J and S to play with now. One thing I like about it is that if you look closely, even the male and female animals are different.


  1. Now that is one gorgeous set!!!

  2. Wow, that is a well loved toy..I really like the frogs..

    I might have a go at making a set of Ark animals for my Grand daughter..

    thanks for the idea..

    cheers kim


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