27 May 2008

There is Just *SO* Much Missing From This Story.


Got the link from FARK. A Hillsborough County, FL, man hires a nude maid to clean his house while his wife is out. She allegedly stole his wife's jewelry.

My questions would be what the wife's reaction to the whole ahem, escapade were and what she did about it. And where the maid hid the jewelry. And... wait a minute. Mom and Dad live in that county... and didn't my mom take a trip last week? We need names when police reports are filed! They're public record! Lazy reporter.

Can I just say that this is not the highbrow, quality reporting I usually expect from "Action News?" *yuk*

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  1. My wife would lock me out if I hire a nude maid.

    (Sorry if this is a dupe, but I just got an error message)


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